Monday, December 28, 2015


¡La pasamos bien la Navidad!

It was a wonderful Christmas in Chile!

Elder Beeston and I enjoyed Skyping from a nook between small shops outside of where a member family sells completos. We stayed in Coelemu for all of Christmas day and left notes with many of the members and nonmembers we so frequently visit!

José was baptized! (picture included)

¡Les amo!

Elder Trent Sellers :)

Jose's baptism 12/26/15

Home made chocolate chip cookies all the way from Orlando, FL!

Monday, December 21, 2015


¡Jo jo jo! (Ho ho ho!)

¡Viene la Navidad!

There is so much to tell that the time today won't permit. That's ok, though, because there will be a lot to explain to my family Christmas morning!

Elder Beeston and I spent a very special time last night caroling with four of the jóvenes (youth) of Coelemu. We visited a part-member family, la familia Bakit, and a less-active sister, Hermana Maria Troncoso, that is bound to her sofá for her health.

Friday night we supported the Primary attending their Christmas presentation, and then were asked to sing with them for an encoure Saturday evening at the branch Christmas dinner!

Elder Beeston and I have spent a very productive P-Day around Coelemu, and are making the preparations to leave for Tomé in another hour to be closer to Conce where we will attend the mission Christmas conference in Hualpen (my previous stake)!

I love you, my family!

¡Hasta viernes!

Mucho amor navideño de su misionero,

Elder Trent Sellers
Merry Christmas from me and Elder Beeston!

Went caroling with these 4 youth of the Coelemu Branch.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Jamás había trabajado así como en esta semana.

Suffice it to say that never have I worked as in this past week!

Elder Beeston and I have been blessed to an unprecedented scale in Coelemu. We were able to work with the members in truly inspired situations throughout the week, including visiting a part-member family with Presidente Parra that is in a similar situation to that in which he was three years ago. We found 12 new investigators, willing to listen to us again. Thursday through Sunday, we shared between 5 and 6 lessons each of those days.

We have invited all to remember why we need a Savior in this time of Christmas.

On Sunday, José came to church! Elder Beeston and I, before Sacrament meeting, taught the young men and then the Primary! haha. I gave a talk during the Sacrament meeting about being a witness of the Savior. We traveled to Quirihue in the afternoon and went with Relief Society representatives from the stake to do a visit between the block of meetings.

We spent Sunday night in Tomé, and this morning took a hike to a tunnel along the coast!

Much to show, but shall words suffice!

I love you, my family!

Mucho amor,
Elder Trent Sellers :)

Thursday, December 10, 2015


¡Elder Beeston sobrevivió su primera semana!

We two have come to walk these streets and enter into houses to a degree that neither of us had expected.

Elder Beeston and I were blessed to have the support from the members from our very first day. After having left our suitcases in the house and changed pants, we went out to work. We worked with the members every day except Sunday in our first week here. Hermano Jorge Silva took us to know many of the members Tuesday night, and he was followed by Freddy, Fernando, and Hermano Valenzuela as they also accompanied us the rest of the week.

We, Sunday, were blessed to see two investigators who we had found during the week in church (Jóse, más Cecilia)! 44 attended in Sacrament meeting. Before the third hour Sacrament meeting, Elder Beeston and I taught the class for the young men and subsequently the Sunday school for all of the youth. We bore our testimonies in the fast and testimony meeting. A bus ride in the afternoon took us to Quirihue, where Presidente Parra had asked us to preside for his absence for meetings with the stake president. I directed the fast and testimony meeting between the 14 of us in Quirihue, and Elder Beeston and I taught the adult Sunday school after and the combined Priesthood meeting later.

We have stayed attent to the Lord's service, and I am grateful for His trust. Elder Beeston has looked for eagerly to el día de preparación, and it's been well-earned! We just returned from gathering pine cones with the jóvenes and going on a short paseo with la familia Parra to el río Itata.

I love you, my family!

You are in my prayers. :)

Mucho amor de su élder,

Elder Trent Sellers

Monday, November 30, 2015


¡Feliz día de acción de gracias, familia!

¡Celebramos con pai!

This week will not be forgotten as one of the busiest and most rewarding of the mission.

After Thanksgiving celebrated with pie, us elders and the hermanas (Hermana Monroy and Hermana Black) from Coelemu came together on Black Friday to teach all about their family history! We put together our efforts and talents to make a booth where we invited any of those in the street in Coelemu to learn about their ancestors and how they can become eternal families. It was special, and incredible to see every elder and hermana talking to everyone.

Saturday morning, we finished packing lunches for the youth of Quirihue and Coelemu, and Elder Fonseca and I ran to gather young men. After enjoying pancakes with manjar, Presidente Parra took us to the base of cerro Coiquen where we climbed to the top! We saw from ocean to mountain! It was a long hike that took more than 6 hours in total!


¡Nos cambiaron! I will be going to Coelemu! I can't begin to explain how surprising this cambio is. Elder Fonseca is leaving to Penco, and I will be opening a sector for elders in Coelemu, training a new elder as the hermanas are leaving!

Tomorrow I will learn who the boy is!

I am grateful for so much, and for the new opportunities that Heavenly Father has entrusted in me.

I love you, my family!

Mucho amor de su misionero,
Elder Trent Sellers :)

Have to fly to Quirihue!

Made it to the top of Cerro Coiquen

Elder Fonseca, Elder Baldwin, Elder Nelson, Elder Sellers

Cerro (Hill) Coiquen in the background

Hiking up Cerro (Hill) Coiquen 

Teaching all about family history! (in Coelemu)

Our Thanksgiving pie!

Monday, November 23, 2015


¡Feliz día de acción de gracias, familia!

Eso quiere decir...


There is so much for which to give thanks. Although Thanksgiving is not so celebrated here in Chile, I will be reflecting this week for all that my Heavenly Father has given me.

To begin, though, I give thanks for my family. I wouldn't be who I am, neither be where I am, if it were not for my family. I have had such incredible examples to follow.

Quirihue is progressing! Another successful Sunday with 24 present - and more Quirihuanos than even the previous week!

Elder Fonseca and I attended the first hour of weeks in the main rama of Coelemu Sunday morning, traveling 45 minutes there and beginning to work with the young men. We have a hike planned this weekend to climb the cerro Coiquen!

It may not be Thanksgiving in Chile, but we will yet celebrate!

¡Les amo! :)

Elder Trent Sellers

Monday, November 16, 2015


Never one is far from seeing miracles!

This was a week to be remembered in the progression of Quirihue!

In two different occasions in the past week, we elders had met with our branch president, Presidente Parra, and separately with Hermano Marcelo Arevena of the stake High Council, to discuss the future of Quirihue and possible changes to be made in Sunday meetings. A decision was concluded to increase the hours of meetings from two to the inspired three, and to hold the Sacrament meeting as the first hour. For the last number of weeks, meetings in Quirihue were held from 3:00 until 5:00 in our home, the Sacrament meeting being the second hour after a general class the first hour.

The change was anxiously considered by some, especially in regards to the attendance of the hermanos of Quirihue in the first hour of the block, but, come Sunday, what a miracle!

There were 27 in attendance in the Sacrament meeting, 14 hermanos coming from Quirihue itself! A number absent would have only added to the strength of the greatly improved attendance. Classes were organized and every organization, for the first time in months, met in its own due class.

Presidente Parra pulled me aside, and has asked me to serve as Young Men's President in both Quirihue and the main branch Coelemu! There is a possibility that we might travel on Sundays.

Hermana Humilde was also in attendance during the second hour during a Gospel Principles class that Elder Fonseca and I taught.

Blessings we saw, indeed!

Today we come from a morning spent on the black-sand beaches of Cobquecura! That was an adventure only to be later described by pictures!

I love you, my family, and pray that you might have a wonderful coming week! I pray for each of you every day, and I love you between this distance.

Have a fun week, my parents, and love you, Bread!

Mucho amor,

Elder Trent Sellers

Our replica of the Concepción temple!

Spectacular views!


Elder Baldwin
Elder Nelson
Elder Fonseca
Elder Sellers

Monday, November 9, 2015


Hello, my family!

¡Buenas tardes, pues!

I am writing from Tomé, after having spent the morning and early afternoon as a zone at the beach! (Mr. Bean voice)

After having a traditional breakfast of breakfast burritos and watching Meet the Mormons, we took colectivos to Dichato to a beautiful and secluded beach. We enjoyed the warm day and had a Concepción temple-building contest in the sand!

This week has been one in which Elder Fonseca and I have seen the Lord bless us in our circumstances. Quirihue is an active town with limited resources in terms of the members. Although we found it a challenge to work with the members this week, Heavenly Father blessed us by guiding us to a number of homes at the end of the week where we were able to share. Friday, we entered into four homes that we had never previously entered, and between Friday and Sunday found two very receptive older sisters who came to accept baptism.

One, Humilde, who committed herself to church, walked into Sacrament meeting as a sudden surpise to all after Elder Fonseca and I had both spoken in the meeting. It was an incredible blessing! During the Sacrament meeting, I was able to share an impromptu talk, and felt inspired to speak of my young men's experience and two special leaders, Brother Gardner and Brother Moss. I am forever grateful for those two amazing men, and the lasting impressions that they have made in me.

I can only hope that one day I might be able to make an impression to the effect that they have made in me.

Les amo, familia, y ¡les deseo una buena semana!

Mucho amor de su misionero,

Elder Trent Sellers

Monday, November 2, 2015


¡Me siento parte de Quirihue!

In two weeks, I have become pretty well accustomed to Quirihue!

Elder Fonseca and I are doing all that we can to strengthen the testimonies of the few members that are here, and reaching out to all those that have yet to come to know the Gospel.

There is much to do in Quirihue, and I am thankful to be able to use much of what I have learned in the mission in this special place.

Elder Fonseca, Elder Baldwin, Elder Nelson, and I had a fun Halloween. Although we didn't have an activity here in Quirihue, Elder Fonseca and I made papelitos (little papers) where we wrote a small Happy Halloween message and attached dulces (sweets) and delivered them to the members! It was great to see their faces at the site of the small gesture and sweets! haha.

I hope you, my family, had a wonderful holiday weekend as well. Such traditions, new and old!

Mucho amor,

Elder Trent Sellers :)

Este es delicioso

¡La familia Garrido Galleguillos nos visitó!

¡Fue tan genial y super generoso de ellos! ;)


Mucho amor,
Elder Sellers

Monday, October 26, 2015


¡Saludos de Quirihue!

When I presented myself during a quaint Sacrament meeting in our home yesterday, I had to say that I felt as if I had known all those present, the rest of the 23 of us, for quite some time! Elder Fonseca and I spent an exciting week visiting all those of the Quirihue group and, come Sunday, I truly did know almost everyone!

This is going to be an incredible time to work in this part of the Lord's vineyard. There is so much to be done in Quirihue, and so much that is eagerly anticipated amongst the strong few that are pioneers. 

There is much to tell, but suffice it to say that this town is big enough for the two of us! It is much bigger than I had thought, spacier and more modern that Longavi and Coihueco but yet a pueblo.

I love you, my family, and wish you an exciting week from the country! 

Amor de su huaso,

Elder Trent Sellers :)

Primera palada! (First shovelful) Anticipating the Concepcion Temple Ground Breaking!

El bautismo de Fernanda!

Monday, October 19, 2015


¡Hola, familia, y chao, Hualpen!

I'm leaving!

Today, after finding out cambios by playing rock-paper-scissors and popping balloons, I learned that I will be saying goodbye to Hualpen!

After 18 weeks in Hualpen, the Lord is calling me again to the country!

Tomorrow, I will be leaving for Quirihue, the humblest pueblo of the mission. Two hours outside of Tomé, where our zone is centered and where district classes are held, Quirihue is one of the most isolated towns of the entire mission. The unit itself is neither ward nor branch, rather a "group" organized as an addition to an existing branch in Colemu. The branch president comes to Quirihue for the Sacrament meeting held in our house!

I'll be living with three other elders whom I know well, my companion being Elder Fonseca! Elder Fonseca was Elder Fuentealba's companion in el CCM! He is from California, and has three months in the sector. We two will be living with Elder Baldwin and Elder Nelson, and all considered I will be the "old man" of the house!

This past weekend we enjoyed the groundbreaking of the Concepción temple! We attended the broadcast in our centro de estaca, and Elder Fuentealba had the opportunity to witness it alongside his grandma! The service was special, and it was neat to see our mission president seated behind those speaking! haha. 

Later Saturday evening, Fernanda was baptized! A great number of her family attended, and Hermano Saez, her grandpa, baptized her. The water was too warm at first for Hermano Saez but, after breaking out the fireman's hose to cool it down, the two descended into the water and Fernanda was baptized. :) Sunday morning, Elder Fuentealba and I participated as her grandpa confirmed her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. A very spiritual weekend ended well!

Today, we are running about after having gone to centro and later played a team of carabineros (Chilean police) in basketball in our stake center!

There is much to pack, and many to visit, and so we are running!

I love you, my family, and pray that you might have a most wonderful week!

Mucho amor,

Elder Trent Sellers :)

I leave tomorrow for my new assignment in Quirihue, Chile which is about 50 miles north of Concepcion.  

Population only 12,562!

Monday, October 12, 2015


Feliz día de la raza!


In Chile, today is yet a holiday!

After spending a morning walking through centro, we have found that the majority of all businesses are closed, and few people are in the streets!

Even so, the missionary fun doesn't stop! We have yet much planned ahead for this week, and much to do preparing for the weekend.

This past week, Elder Fuentealba and I were blessed to find a number of very interested, investigating couples and their families! Upon arriving here to Hualpen nearly fourth months ago, the work was very different. Elder Holt and I did all that we could to go out and come to know a very unknown ward. Since then, we have been blessed to find and teach so many different families, and Elder Fuentealba and I are blessed to be teaching many that are progressing in returning to church and a number that are coming to know it and the message of the Gospel for the first time. Cambios are in another week and regardless of a change, I will be blessed to have done all that I could here in Hualpen.

This week we're are anxiously preparing for a very spiritual weekend. Saturday morning, the Concepción temple will see its groundbreaking. We will see the proceedings by a broadcast at our stake center in Villa Acero. The members of Concepción have waited so long, and this day will be one to always stay in the hearts of those here. Saturday evening, seeing that all goes well with an interview still to be done, Fernanda, the 10-year-old daughter of a less-active member, Hermana Lorena, is to be baptized! We will do all that we can to see that it is a spiritual day!

May we see those blessings later this week, and may you have a wonderful week of blessings as well, my family!

I love each of you, and think of you and all that you are sure to be doing while I am here in the Lord's work.

Mucho amor,
Elder Trent Sellers :)

Monday, October 5, 2015



It was a tremendous blessing to listen once again to a prophet's voice! The 185th Semi-Annual General Conference was well-attended, even thousands of miles away in the southern, American continent in Chile. Elder Fuentealba and I did what we could to invite all those we are currently teaching to attend and listen to President Monson and the Twelve Apostles. We made small invitations towards the end of the week to give to a number of the recent converts and less-actives we're visiting, and gave the invitation to a number of unknown people we came across in the streets. Fernanda, a 10-year-old daughter of a less-active Hermana Lorena who we're teaching, attended Sunday morning with her mom and her grandparents. Her grandpa, who is from another ward in the stake, will baptize her in two weeks on the day of the groundbreaking of the Concepción Temple. It was a blessing to see her there, along with other less-active members who attended! Hermano David and his family watched from the home of his cousin.

Elder Fuentealba and I finished our missionary fun listening to the inspired words of all those who spoke. I was uplifted by every message, but especially found inspiration in the talks of President Uchtdorf, Elder Hales, Elder Holland, President Eyring, and President Monson. I took notes of every speaker in every session. My general conference notes will be greatly treasured from the mission. We watched the conference in our stake center in Villa Acero.

After such a conference, I am ready for another week of hard missionary fun in this, the Lord's work. I love you, my family, and wish you a wonderful week. If you weren't able to listen to the Conference, may I suggest looking for it on

A special FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS from this past week to my buddy Aaron! ;) The Jake to my Elwood!

Mucho amor de su misionero en Chile,

Elder Sellers

Aaron at Trent's baptism. Feliz cumpleanos Aaron!

Monday, September 28, 2015


¡Qué semana especial, familia!

This weekend, we will again listen to a living prophet and apostles in the General Conference of the church!

What a blessing it is to have a living prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, who speaks with the Savior and guides His Church! General Conference in the mission is a different experience. This marks the fourth General Conference that I will watch in the mission and, as a missionary, I can feel the Spirit especially strong as I am doing the Lord's work and dedicating my thoughts and service to what is beyond myself.

May we all dedicate the time this weekend, setting aside our normal outings and passtimes, to listen to the prophet's voice. A special conference, it will be certainly, as three new apostles are called!

A wonderful week Elder Fuentealba and I finish here. After a week of much work with the members, a mini cambio (when Elder Fuentealba went to Barrio Esmeralda where his family lives), and a very delicious Noche de Hogar with the family of Obispo Avilez, we look forward to what is to come!

¡Les amo, mi familia!

Les deseo una semana fantástica, y mucho provecho en escuchar la Conferencia General. ;)

Mucho amor de su misionero,

Elder Trent Sellers
Yippee, a package from home!

What could it be?

Another great Chilean meal! Muchas gracias!

Monday, September 21, 2015



Ah, what a signature day, el 18 de Septiembre, and what a WEEK, las fiestas patrias!

Elder Fuentealba and I traversed the flag-lined streets of Hualpen, enjoying the sounds of folklore and the tempting smells and tastes of comida Chilena. Empanadas, pajaritos, alfajores, asado, and glasses of mote con huesillo made for two very satisfied missionaries at week's end.

Friday we ate lunch with la familia Vidal, one of the sisters being who we bring to church in her wheelchair on Sunday, and on Saturday we spent our given two hours in a ward activity with Hermano David Silva, his wife and daughter who are not yet members, and another investigator, Michael, who we went to go get. It was incredible to see all in the chapel enjoying the activity, and it was well spent on our part!

Elder Fuentealba and I continued working as hard as we could, and that included finding a man alone in his house the night of el 18 and sharing with him. The alimento espiritual that we shared makes up for the little alimento físico that we might have missed.

Very grateful for this beautiful country in the which I am serving, and very grateful for the blessing it is to bring the blessings of heaven to los Chilenos. :)

Mucho amor de su misionero,

Elder Trent Sellers

The Fiestas Patrias, September 18th, commemorates the proclamation of the First Governing Body of 1810, and marks the beginning of the Chilean Independence.

Flags line the quaint street for Septiembre 18th

Celebrating Septiembre 18th with a kite.

Monday, September 14, 2015



This coming week is the week of el 18 de septiembre, the national holiday of Chile, and las fiestas patrias!

There's been a spirit of that in the air this past week, and all are preparing with banderas flying in every corner and offers for choripan, pajaritos, empanadas, asado, and mote con huesillo lining the streets!

We had a fine past week, highlighted by the worldwide day of service. As nearly half of the mission, we united with the members of various stakes and cleaned the streets of Concepción, scraping posters off the walls and picking up trash. Apart from service, there was much missionary fun to be had in the week, and Elder Fuentealba and I were able to work with the members and see many less-active members in the chapel on Sunday.

This week we ourselves are preparing for the fiestas, and will do all that we can to teach these happy Chilenos!

A very FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS to Aunt Dee! I am celebrating, and so dedicated a doughnut! ;)

Also, happy Grandparents Day to Grannie and Papa!

Love you, my family! Running!

Much love,

Elder Trent Sellers

Celebrating Aunt Dee's birthday with a doughnut. Happy birthday Aunt Dee!

Cleaning the streets of Concepción during the worldwide day of service!

Cleaning the streets of Concepción during the worldwide day of service!

Monday, September 7, 2015


¡Felices cambios, familia!

Pero, cambios...¡no hay!

After playing musical chairs as a zone this morning, Elder Fuentealba and I learned that we are both staying in Hualpen! We will be together for another six weeks, and continue all that we have started.

That includes continuing to help all those that we have visited and taught!

I know that Presidente Arrington has prayed for revelation, and I know that the Lord has need of me here.

On Sunday, we had an incredible and spiritual testimony meeting. Hermano David Silva, who weeks before we had come across walking in the street, bore his testimony after having been inactive from the church for 17 years. Speaking of his wife and 9-year-old daughter, who are not members and whom he brought with him to the chapel, he expressed the great absence which he had felt in his life. Much of the ward was brought to tears, and the Spirit was felt so incredibly strong.

I consider myself blessed to look forward to another six weeks of visiting and teaching this great man and his family. I love the mission, and the changes that the Lord can make in those who love Him.

I love you, my family, and wish you a wonderful week!

Mucho amor de su misionero,
Elder Trent Sellers :)

(included are photos of the district and the zone!)

Monday, August 31, 2015


¡Buenas tardes, familia, y feliz día de preparación!

It was a great week of the conference in Bío-Bío!

Tuesday night, we (missionaries) taught the ward about the importance of the family in la Noche de Hogar. We shared our testimonies of the tremendous blessings that are our families, drew the temple, and passed out copies of A Proclamation to the World: the Family. Later in the games, the ward made me attempt to dance la cueca! Wednesday and Thursday, my companion had la Conferencia para los Nuevos, and I left working with Elder Troncoso and Elder Robertson. Thursday night we enjoyed the ward social with pajaritos, delicious postries, and fresh bread, and Saturday evening helped the ward with an evening of talent. Us elders set up a small display with folletos, and participated in the show by playing and singing a song with guitar.

Sunday, the conference was well-attended with 192 present, with visitors from the stake! Although because of the schedules of investigators we were not able to bring a non-member with us to the conference, we went with a member to bring la hermana Blanca, an older less-active sister to the meeting. :)

This coming week is the sixth and last week of the cambio. Next Monday we will have word of cambios! Nothing is sure, as ever, but it is a possibility that this could be what is left of my time in Hualpen. ¡Allí vemos!

¡Cambios nos esperan!

I love you, my family, and wish you an incredible week ahead. ¡UN GIGANTE FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS A LA CRIS!

¡Les amo!

su Elder Trent Sellers :)

Feliz cumpleanos Cris!

Ttoday we ate lunch with the family of Elder Fuentealba! And walking in centro, Presidente treated us to ice cream!

The Primary kids in la tarde de talento!

Marilyn and her boyfriend José Carlos - both from Venezuela

Marilyn was visiting here for a number of weeks, and we were able to teach her all of the lessons! ¡Chevre!

The mechanism which they used to rescue the trapped Chilenos in the mine accident!

From onboard the Huascar

From onboard the Huascar

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


¡Buena semana, familia!

¡Todo se encuentra bien en Hualpen!

Elder Fuentealba and I had a well-occupied fourth week in Hualpen! My companion has come to know much in the four weeks he has been here. He came to the mission as a very well-prepared missionary, and has only refined that in his first couple weeks. He came reciting scriptures, and has been a great example to me in many ways and challenged me in ways no other companion has!

In Hualpen, I am begining my 11th week! I feel like I have come to know so many of the ward, and the members, especially the returned missionaries like Victor and Anibal Neira, have helped us so much! For much of the past week, we were able to go out with more than one member during the day. This week, we are preparing for ward conference! Tuesday we will have a Noche de Hogar del barrio, Thursday a Mate Criollo (ward social), Friday an activity for couples, and Saturday a Tarde de Talento! We will be busy inviting all that we can to attend the activities, and the conference itself on Sunday.

This week we had a mini cambio, and Elder Hartvigsen (my old companion) came to Bío-Bío! I had had a mini cambio with his companion the last cambio, and so worked together with him on Tuesday and Wednesday in our sector here. It was awesome and yet strange to work with the same companion but in an entirely different sector!

Today, an elderly couple in the ward, Hermano and Hermana Vasquez, complete 65 years of marriage!

The end of this week, Marilyn, the daughter-in-law of a couple from the ward, from Venezuela, goes back to her country. We have been able to teach her so much in the last number of weeks and, although we will miss her, will do all that we can to see that she is baptized in her native country. :)

I know that although we may not see those fruits of our efforts here in Hualpen, everything we teach, and have taught, is for the spiritual well-being and eternal blessings of those we teach. The Gospel is true, no matter where we may be, and it blesses our families.

May my family be blessed this week while I am yet here serving the Lord. I know He is watching over each of you, and blessing you in ways that I can not imagine. 



¡Ella está de cumpleaños el 30!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CRIS!!! Have a most amazing 17th birthday!

I love you, my family! Have an incredible week ahead!

Les amo,

Elder Trent Sellers :)

Monday, August 17, 2015


¡Buena semana, familia!

¡Saludos de la misión!

The last week ended very different that we might have foreseen, but Elder Fuentealba and I worked our tootsies off this week! I mean that quite literally, as my compañero had to have his in-grown toenail taken care of on Thursday in a visit to the doctor's office! Elder Fuentealba was asked by the doctor to rest his foot on Thursday and Friday, and is now doing much better and is much alleviated from the pain that he had. We were bound to the house those two days, but we were able to arrange times for me to go out with one of the other elders to contact people. On Friday, two returned missionaries, Raul and Alejandro, helped us so we could make a visit. Raul stayed with my compañero while Alejando and I went to visit a less-active sister who later came to church on Sunday! A few commitments were unkept and many plans fell through, but we did nearly all that we could to bring others unto the Savior this week. Not only did that less-active sister, Hermana Blanca, come to church after we had gone to pick her up with a member, but three recent-converts, Hermana Marcela, Angel, and Thalía, all came as well after having not seen them in church for weeks.

The Lord blesses us and the efforts that we make are evidently answered. Although we may not achieve to exactness what we might have desired, not one effort is wasted in the Lord's service.

May we all have a wonderful and blessed week, wherever we may be, and may we recognize the many answers to our prayers.

Welcome home, my parents!

Mucho amor de su misionero,

Elder Trent Sellers :)

Monday, August 10, 2015


(I refer to 1 Nephi 17:6)


¡Muy buenas tardes, familia mía!

Time has found us very occupied in the last week in Hualpen! Elder Fuentealba and I have ran between appointments at a faster pace than he would be accustomed to! This cambio has presented one of the very greatest challenges of the mission, and the responsibilities have kept me very focused on the missionary fun perhaps yet more than any other time in the mission. There is so much to give, and I am truly striving to use the time we have as wisely as I can. We are in the Lord's service, and doing all that we do to bring others unto the Savior.

Today, we spent the morning at the beach! As a zone, we took a micro through Hualpencillo to Lenga and, after a half-an-hour hike, found ourselves at the beaches of Ramuntcho. It was an awesome paseo and, after the fog had cleared, presented a most beautiful day!

The mission is yet the most incredible experience of my life. I am continuously grateful to be here and to have seen so much. The time we have is short, but I wish you, my family, a most incredible week as I think of you here. 

I love you, my family. :) I hope you had a wonderful birthday, momma. Enjoy the trip, yet, and send my saludos!

Mucho amor de su misionero,
Elder Trent Sellers

Monday, August 3, 2015


Elder Fuentealba!

¡Buena semana, mi familia!

¡Se lo presento, mi buen compañero, Elder Fuentealba!

I present to you, my good companion, Elder Fuentealba!

After an incredibly trying wait during the assigning of the new missionaries on Tuesday, I got to meet my companion new to the mission field! Elder Fuentealba is Chileno, but comes from Natal, Brasil, in the north after having lived there for some seven months. He was born minutes from our sector, in Talcahuano. He was raised in one of the other wards in our stake until he was five and, between moves to another part of Concepción, Antofogasta, Santiago, and Natal, has made his way back to his native land!

He is a great missionary, very spiritual and one who knows the people here, figuratively and literally. His grandma lives one ward over, and an uncle not to far away! He has been a good example to me in the few days that we have had together, and we have come to learn a lot from each other in such a short amount of time. It is an incredible responsibility leading in the sector, helping the other elders, being district leader, and training Elder Fuentealba, but I am very grateful for it. This is quite possibly the greatest responsibility that I have had in the mission, and I am going to do all that I can to balance it well and teach my companion what he has not already taught me.

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Elder Holt, today, and a tremendous FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS to my momma, this coming weekend!!!

I love you, momma, and wish you a most amazing and special birthday this coming Saturday! Thank you for being the loving mom and shining example that you have been all my life, momma. :)

Continue a most incredible trip, my parents, and have a semana fructífera, mi familia!

¡Les quiero!

Mucho amor de su misionero,
Elder Trent Sellers :)

Monday, July 27, 2015


¡Buenos cambios, familia mía!

The time of cambios has come once again!

Más, ¡nos tocaron!

Elder Holt and I were surprised in the call of cambios this morning to find that after only a cambio together Elder Holt will be leaving! Elder Holt will be heading tomorrow morning for Chiguayante, leaving his first sector just three months, or two cambios, into the mission. I am sad to see my great companion and friend leave after such short time together. Elder Holt and I have become life-long friends, and it is only after many laughs, learning experiences, and hard work that my Nebraskan brother and I will be parting. It is a tender cambio and, although I will miss my son (he has surpassed step-son), there is something else in the oven. I'm going to be a DAD! And, of course, it's a BOY! Tomorrow, I will be going to the office for the assigning of new missionaries and, after a training and lunch with the other missionaries, find out who is to be the new-born!

I am super excited and, above all, very grateful for the trust that Presidente Arrington and the Lord have in me. This cambio is going to see many changes, and yet other opportunities that I have yet to have in the mission! Apart from having a missionary new to the mission field in the sector, the other two elders in our ward are leaving! Elder Mariano, my compañero brasileño querido, is heading home to Brasil, and Elder Jensen is being transferred to Chillan. I will be the only missionary to stay in Bío-Bío, having only one cambio in the sector itself! Elder Troncoso, Chileno, and Elder Robertson will be coming to Bío-Bío A, and I will be helping them two as much as I can to continue the work of the other elders. Elder Mariano is, of course, going to be incredibly missed!

I am so grateful for the friendships that I have been able to make in the mission. It seems the past number of cambios and this one have seen so many incredible friends finish their missions. I thank Heavenly Father for the time to serve, and the great love that I have come to have for others here in the mission.

The work is true, and there is no other place that I would want to be rather than here at this time in my life.

I love you, my family. Have a most fantastic week, and travel safely, my parents!

Mucho amor a cada uno de ustedes,
su Elder Trent Sellers :)


Tuesday, July 21, 2015


¡Buena semana, familia!

Ah, my, Elder Holt and I have had some good reasons to laugh haha. We have become great friends, the two of us, and we have come to work with true alegría.

Today, after playing fútbol with the missionaries of our zone and those of Concepción, we came to the office to change our clothes only to find that we were missing some important articles of clothing. For Elder Holt, he had his white shirt, a tie, shoes, a belt, pants, but he lacked a pair of socks other than the white ones he was wearing. For me, I had packed everything - shirt, tie, sweater, shoes, and I was already wearing dark socks - but I forgot the pants. Some time later after visiting the closet of the mission office, I am now walking around with a pair of highwaters and Elder Holt is walking around yet with his white socks! hahaha. Oh my, if I could explain the small things that are sometimes forgotten amidst all that there is to do in the mission! 

Well, the past week ended well and cold! Things froze over last night, and it has left us with some incredibly cold weather heading into the new week.

Elder Holt and I worked very diligently to have a more successful week, and we ended it having gone out with members every day of the week and having achieved much more success in our key indicators. :)

We have a lot to do in the last week of the cambio, and we will continue to work diligently in the coming days. With pants!

Les amo, mucho. ¡Que tengan una semana fructífera!

Amor de su misionero,

Elder Trent Sellers :)

Monday, July 13, 2015


¡Buenas, familia mía!

So I forgot to mention that during the craziness of la Copa América we had celebrated our own nation's day of Independence! ...with baked beans and coleslaw!! While we were watching the partido, we helped la familia Solis make these two very American dishes and they turned out pretty good! Still got nothing on the true South, though!

This week made for another busy couple of days in Hualpen. On Thursday, one of the zone leaders, Elder Hualinga, an old friend from the mission and from Perú, came to Bío-Bío to have a mini cambio with me. I have come to know the sector well in the last few weeks and Elder Holt and I have really come a long ways in the work. On Saturday, Elder Holt and I went to Villa Acero for an entrevista de apoyo for an investigator of the other elders in our district. Right now, every sector in our district has somebody progressing towards baptism!

The overseeing of the work in the district, apart from just Bío-Bío, is keeping us real busy, and it will be another occupied week ahead!

Today I got a package from the Moore family! A huge thank-you to them and their amazing kindness! Also, I wanted to be sure to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little cousin Cameron! I love you, Cam!

You, my family, have a wonderful week ahead. I love you, each, and promise that amidst the busy work that I think of each of you every day. Have a safe trip, my parents!

Mucho amor de su misionero,
Elder Trent Sellers :)


Monday, July 6, 2015


¡Qué semana, mi familia querida!


After going into overtime and reaching the very last penal, Chile made history on Saturday by winning the American Cup for the very first time!

It's an incredible time to be in Chile, and here I am serving!

We were able to watch the game, and after had to spend the remainder of the night at home because of the craziness of the Chilean people! It's absolutely amazing what patriotism the Chilenos have! We spent the rest of the night before going to bed hearing passing cars honking their horns to different rythmns and many in the street cheering and blowing their own horns and noisemakers. 

It was a great end to a very occupied week with much to do! On Tuesday, Elder Holt and I had to leave to another sector, Villa Acero, to do three different baptismal interviews (two between a mom and her daughter), and on Wednesday I left to Cerro Verde to do a mini cambio with Elder Bird (le dicen Elder Pájaro jaja) for a day. We ourselves stayed very busy trying to take advantage of the time in our own sector, and were able to share a number of times with Cristina and her family.

There is a lot ahead with another week presenting itself to us. Things in Hualpen itself are well. We leave in a "block," one of many large, rectangular apartment buildings that from the outside looks rather run-down but in the inside is actually quite nice. Elder Holt is awesome, and he has learned a ton already in his time in Chile. He is such a cheerful guy, and a great and funny friend. He is from Wayne, Nebraska, I should add! Ah, and we are living with two other elders - Elder Jenson and Elder Mariano - my very same compañero anterior from Brasil who finishes his mission this cambio!

It's great to be together again, and Elder Mariano keeps us all entertained! haha.

Well, my family, I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. ¡Saludos de Chile a Alaska! ;) Stay safe and have a wonderful trip, my parents. Pan, I love you and hope you have an incredible week and are able to get things as you want them with the new house, including the little-brother suite. :)

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, o FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS, TO JOYCE! I love you, Joyce, and I wish you the very happiest birthday possible! :)

Thank you, my family, for all your love. :)

¡Que tengan una semana fantástica!

Mucho amor de su misionero,
Elder Trent Sellers

Monday, June 29, 2015


¡Buena semana nueva, familia mía!

It was a fun and revealing second week in Hualpen!

After a very new start in my first week in the sector, Elder Holt and I learned much, came to know many, and this week went out visiting with members every day! Neither of us had had much time in Hualpen, but in this last week we have been able to come to know so many of the families of the barrio Bío-Bío. 

We were able to commit a number of less-active members to church, as well as a number of recent-converts and their families. 158 came to church on Sunday, including Cristina, the sister of Carla - a recent-convert of some months - who herself has decided to be baptized! We have seen great blessings in our short time here, and are looking forward to continue working with Cristina and others in the coming week.

On Sunday, after church, Huaquín, an 8-year-old, was baptized in the ward. It was incredible to find that a part of his family lives in my first sector Lorenzo Arenas, and his tía came to his baptism! I was able to talk to Hermana Maldonado after having, months ago, made pajaritos and alfajores in her home for el 18. ¡Que chico el mundo!

We in the mission have been given permission to watch the partidos of Chile in la Copa América, and so watched one game one evening last week with a particially less-active family and will do so again tonight with another family. ¡Bakan! ¿cierto? ¡Vamos Chile!

Ok, family, ¡me toca irme ahora! Gracias a todos por todo lo que me hacen. ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS, momma y my dad, por el paquete! And to Aunt Dee and Grannie and Papa for their many, many cards which I absolutely love!

¡Les amo, a todos!

Mucho amor de su misionero,
Elder Trent Sellers