Monday, August 31, 2015


¡Buenas tardes, familia, y feliz día de preparación!

It was a great week of the conference in Bío-Bío!

Tuesday night, we (missionaries) taught the ward about the importance of the family in la Noche de Hogar. We shared our testimonies of the tremendous blessings that are our families, drew the temple, and passed out copies of A Proclamation to the World: the Family. Later in the games, the ward made me attempt to dance la cueca! Wednesday and Thursday, my companion had la Conferencia para los Nuevos, and I left working with Elder Troncoso and Elder Robertson. Thursday night we enjoyed the ward social with pajaritos, delicious postries, and fresh bread, and Saturday evening helped the ward with an evening of talent. Us elders set up a small display with folletos, and participated in the show by playing and singing a song with guitar.

Sunday, the conference was well-attended with 192 present, with visitors from the stake! Although because of the schedules of investigators we were not able to bring a non-member with us to the conference, we went with a member to bring la hermana Blanca, an older less-active sister to the meeting. :)

This coming week is the sixth and last week of the cambio. Next Monday we will have word of cambios! Nothing is sure, as ever, but it is a possibility that this could be what is left of my time in Hualpen. ¡Allí vemos!

¡Cambios nos esperan!

I love you, my family, and wish you an incredible week ahead. ¡UN GIGANTE FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS A LA CRIS!

¡Les amo!

su Elder Trent Sellers :)

Feliz cumpleanos Cris!

Ttoday we ate lunch with the family of Elder Fuentealba! And walking in centro, Presidente treated us to ice cream!

The Primary kids in la tarde de talento!

Marilyn and her boyfriend José Carlos - both from Venezuela

Marilyn was visiting here for a number of weeks, and we were able to teach her all of the lessons! ¡Chevre!

The mechanism which they used to rescue the trapped Chilenos in the mine accident!

From onboard the Huascar

From onboard the Huascar

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