Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hey, momma, my dad, and Pan!

So this week is starting out interesting!

I was just robbed! YEAH! Everything's ok: I wasn't approached by the guy and I didn't lose anything crucially important, but man was it a shock. 

Elder Requena and I were sitting and enjoying lunch in a fast food place called Doggi's here in Centro, and a man stole my bag and umbrella without us noticing. In my bag I had my camera with all of the pictures from the mission up until now, my flash drive, memory card readers, a church magazine, a Gospel Art book, and the little bag I carry with a copy of my passport information page and some American stamps. Nothing utterly crucial, thankfully, but still quite a loss. We talked to the workers and they brought us back to the office to watch the footage taken by the security cameras. It was done very slyly. I got to watch it, played back. The man was seated behind me and slowly scooted the chair beside me back until it was out of my view and my bag was close to his table and in his possession. He was acting like he was talking on the phone, facing nearly the opposite direction nearly the entire time and acted like the bag and umbrella belonged to him as he got up and left the store. I didn't notice anything (DANG IT fast food!) until we got up to leave and they were gone. I was so sly --- even Elder Requena hadn't noticed and he was facing the direction of the man! Again, the horrible distraction of fast food! We talked to two Carabineros (policemen) outside of the restaurant, but they told us it would be a long process to file an investigation and I know that the man would be selling my things right away in the streets of Conce. So, those things are lost...but I am ok! :) I'm grateful for that, as that's what really matters.

Momma, I'm going to need to purchase things this week, like a new bag and such, so that you know I'll be using my debit card and be needing a little bit more.

Well, that happened! Now on a lighthearted note...

The past week itself has been a good one! I'm continuing to be humbled in my experience of having a compañero Chileno! It's a big change, going from speaking English in between lessons to speaking Español practically all day long. I've learned a lot of Español in the first two weeks of cambios, or at least become a lot more comfortable with it!

There are still some things that I'm still learning, though. For instance: ordering fast food! When we were at Doggi's today, I ordered my meal but didn't quite understand a little bit of what the employee had said. It turns out that he was asking me if I wanted to "make it a large" and I ended up supersizing my meal hahaha. That worked out ok, though. ;)

Ahh what else. This past week Elder Requena and I worked hard, even in a little bit of rain. We didn't have many lessons, but we found some new investigators that are interested in the gospel and I'm really excited to be able to teach them. We also have some investigators that we are continuing to work with and teach. Specifically, Mario and Daniela and their family! They are a super awesome family with three kids (one, Martín, who is 13), and I hope that we are able to help them set a baptismal date this week and really start progressing.

Gosh, there's a lot more I could say, but I'll leave it at that for now!

I got a little sidetracked today with losing a few of my things, so I'll just have to recollect my thoughts a bit. ;)

Alright, love you, my family! :)

Muchísimo amor,
su Elder Trent Sellers 

Monday, July 21, 2014


Ok, I still had a little bit to respond to from last week. ;)

Other than the games that Chile played in, we didn't have to stay inside during the World Cup. Even the last few games, including the very last final between Argentina and Alemanía (Germany in Spanish!). We did happen to be inside during that one because it was our time to plan. I was actually hoping for Alemanía, as my good friend Elder Medina is Argentino and was becoming a little too fanático. ;) Argentinos are pretty prideful people haha, but I love them!

So instead of the luggage, I had Elder Withers sign my guitar. :D I was thinking about it and I am going to have each of my companions sign my guitar throughout the mission. It will be really neat. :)


THANK YOU, MOMMA AND MY DAD!!! I was so preoccupied in emailing last week that I forgot to send the pictures that I took and THANK YOU for everything! Gosh, opening those was so great! Cualquier dulce y treat and some of my most favorite things. :) Thank you, momma. I loved everything and I am going to send some pictures in a few.   Transfers went well!! Elder Requena is a great guy, and patient, too, fortunately for me haha. Having a Chilean companion is an amazing experience, being completely surrounded by the language almost all of the day. I'm picking up the Castellano (Spanish language here), and learning a little bit every day. Seeing as Elder Requena is new to the sector, I also had the opportunity to do the majority of planning this week. That has been a cool experience --- a lot more work but a really good test of how well I know the sector and an opportunity to work really where I feel is best. 

Yeah, so Elder Withers was able to make it to his new sector, Santa Sabina, ok! Hermano Mella (a member for the longest time and super, super awesome) helped us get to the bus terminal and, seeing as Elder Wither's new sector was close, we helped them get their luggage to their house.

Also...¡CONI SE BAUTIZÓ! Coni was baptized yesterday by her tío, our Obispo Rivas, and was confirmed right after. It was a really sweet experience, having a lot of her family there to support her. Her great grandmother, grandmother, tía, and her sang a hymn together during the service, before her baptism. It was really nice, and the Spirit was strong. Also to note, and pictures maybe to come later, the baptism font FLOODED! I'll have to explain that one when I have more time... :O All was well, though!

Ok, going to send photos..

Dos boxes from home. Yippie!

Lots of new stuff!

Love my Orlando Magic shirt!

Go Magic 

My Selfie!
Mini cambio with Elder Hualinga in Pedro De Valdivia! Elder Hualinga left this transfer for a different sector.

Mini cambio with Elder Hualinga in Pedro De Valdivia! Elder Hualinga left this transfer for a different sector.

El Río Bío Bío

We visited Lonco, the richest part of the mission

Lonco, the richest part of the mission

CAMBIOS. Elder Withers, mi papa, se fue 

CAMBIOS: Vino mi compañero nuevo Elder Requena, un Chileno con 17 meses en la misión.
Welcome to English Class! For English Class this past Saturday, we took a "trip" to McDonald's and taught our student Grace about food. This week we are going to order food. ;) To note: not everything we taught would be on a McDonald's menu haha.

English Class

¡Coni, la sobrina de nuestro Obispo Riva, SE BAUTIZÓ!

¡Coni, la sobrina de nuestro Obispo Riva, SE BAUTIZÓ!

¡Coni, la sobrina de nuestro Obispo Riva, SE BAUTIZÓ!

For Aldo! Thank you, Bella Italia Restorante & Pizzeria, y ¡SALUDOS DE CHILE! 

Love my  hat from Aldo at Orlando's Bella Italia Restorante & Pizzeria

Monday, July 14, 2014


¡Hola, mis padres y amigos!

¡Esta ha sido una semana buena en Chile!

We had mini cambios on Wednesday yet again! Elder Withers wanted to make sure to do mini cambios with both of the other sectors in our district. This time I had the opportunity to go to Pedro de Valdivia! It's in the southern part of Conce, right along El Río Bío Bío, and arguably the richest sector in the mission. It's quite a bit different than the other sectors. We actually went back there today to get a few pictures. I'll send those when I can. I got to work with Elder Hualinga, an awesome elder from Perú, and we had a blast. We visited less actives and got to meet the bishop's family. That's one of the best things about mini cambios --- getting to know the people of the sector! After working, that night we ordered Papa John's! Just as good with garlic sauce and all. ;)

I came back to Lorenzo Arenas Thursday, feeling a little bit sick, but all was better by Friday. It stunk a little bit because we had a "tarde de hogar" (family home evening) with Amadeo and I couldn't quite enjoy it as much. It was still a blast and Amadeo is doing great as a new convert! He is the best student in Sunday School hahaha.

Lorenzo Arenas, overall, is doing real good. We have a baptism this weekend!! Coni, the bishop's niece, is set to be baptized this Sunday, July 20th! We moved the baptism back one day because of all that is happening this week. We have a noche misional (unless it's rescheduled), a family history activity, a move to help with, La Clase de Inglés, and probably a few more things that I might be forgetting. It's going to be a busy week this week!

ALSO, that leads me to the biggest news...


¡Elder Withers se va! After my first three months in Chile, my dad in the mission is being transferred to be a district leader in Chiguayante and leaving me in Lorenzo Arenas. Of course, I'm a little sad to be seeing my friend leave, but more than anything I'm excited! 

Cambios always bring new opportunities and now I'm getting a new companion! His name is Elder Requena, a CHILENO, and I actually just met him here in the ciber! He is a super nice guy, and I've heard great things about him from Elder Medina who lived with him in Chillan. He comes to Lorenzo Arenas tomorrow! 

I'm going to have a COMPAÑERO LATINO! Well, if I haven't learned Spanish fluently yet, I sure have the opportunity to now! I'm so excited to have a native-speaking companion. It's going to be a great experience!

Alright, my family, I have to get going! 

Muchísimo amor,
tu Elder Trent Sellers

Monday, July 7, 2014


Hola :)

Before I forget... I got the PACKAGES, and your card!! The card I got last week from the mission office right before we went to the ciber to email, but I forgot to write about it! Thank you, momma. :) NOW, these PACKAGES I acquired today! WOW they came fast!! I took the more compact box out of the bigger box, like you mentioned, and they're both sitting right here with me now. I can't wait to open them up and see what kind of goods are waiting inside! Packages are AMAZING to receive in the mission! Thank you, muchísimo, mis papas. :D

Also,  I found the other set of sheets in the space bag with my sleeping bag and they've been working great! I'm going to change them again today, when we bring laundry to Hermana Lopez later. ;)

I'm glad you and dad had a great trip with Uncle Bob and Aunt Judy up in Georgia! Thanks for all the pictures! MAN, it looks like you had fun!! Dad sure is enjoying the retired life, now. ;)

That's awesome that you got to see Joyce and Mitchie while you were up there, too! So Joyce has a TABLET, then?! I hope she has a really great birthday today. Gosh, that's a lot to take care of with her cataracts and all. Hopefully that will all go well and she'll be able to see better. That's SO AWESOME about Mitchie and Bekah, and that Mitchie has a calling and is working towards going to the temple! You have no idea how awesome that is to a missionary cousin. I'm so proud of that guy. :) I mention him a lot when I bear my testimony about the gospel to the families here and when I share about how much of an effect the gospel has had on my family and I. And really that's the reason why I am here: so that other families can experience the same joy in their lives and I've seen in mine with my own family. That is always on my mind, and always my motivation. :)

Weather has been pretty nice this past week. The beginning of last week was pretty fome (lousy) with overcast clouds and rain, but that always happens here after a really nice and beautiful week. ;) These past few days have been really pretty nice, and the cool weather has been nice as long as I've been prepared for it! Today's been relatively warm, and I'm enjoying P-Day thoroughly. :) We went PAINTBALLING this morning! 

I sent a bunch of pictures that I'll consider the majority of a weekly update this week. ;) 

As an update for the missionary work in our sector, right now Elder Withers and I are working with Coni, the 11 year old niece of our obispò. I'm really grateful that Obispo Rivas trusted my companion and I to ask us to teach her. We've set a baptismal date for the 19th of July, and are teaching her on the weekends when she's at her grandma's. Teaching Coni is a reminder to me of the ability everyone has to understand the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the importance of the gospel in families. It's a tender thought to our bishop, to see his niece coming unto Christ and uniting his family further. It reminds me of Mitchie and the feelings I've felt having seen him make the same decision.

Alright, gotta get going! Any other questions? :)

Quick heads up: cambios are next week! There is a good chance that Elder Withers will be leaving Lorenzo Arenas, as he has six months in this sector, but we aren't entirely sure. Anything is possible, and so we will see this next week!

Alright, love you, momma, and my dad! 
Mucho amor,
Trent, Elder Trent Sellers  

Mini cambios! My buddy Elder Gonzalez, from Argentina, came to Lorenzo Arenas for the day!

The site of the Concepción, Chile temple of la Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Últimos Días! Elder Withers went to the sector/barrio Pedro de Valdivia for a baptismal interview, and we were able to swing by the temple site. Still no official word on when construction will start, but we have heard possibly sometime later this week. The temple will be an incredible blessing to the members and all people here in Conce. Right now members have to make a 6 to 7 hour trip of buses and colectivos to make it to the Santiago temple. The temple site in Conce is situated across from el río Bío Bío.

The site of the Concepción, Chile temple of la Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Últimos Días!

Mini cambio in the sector Universitario! Got to spend a day working in centro, working with mi compadre Elder Sanchez! 

This morning, as a zone, we went PAINTBALLING! Mi equipo: Elder Hualinga (Perú), Elder Flores (Bolivia), Elder Withers, Elder Harrison, y yo.

OWWIE --- something we say a lot in our apartment between Elder Withers, Elder Medina, Elder Harrison, and I haha. It was a joke between Elder Withers and Elder Medina in Chillan when they lived together there.


Después de la batalla

Compañeros, and soldiers in the literal Army of God  

Compañeros, and soldiers in the literal Army of God

I got shot in the button

Elder Withers and I went to SUBWAY for lunch! I got a BMT, as the usual. Note: it's not the same. I love Chile, but I'll be honest in saying that they can't quite do American. They try. Chilean food, though --- ¡DELICIOSO!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Ok, ok, before I forget anything..

I got a card from Aunt Dee! I got it about 3 weeks ago but I keep on forgetting to mention it in email! I'm going to send her an email and a card when I can. It's a bit hard, but I'll get it done with time. Tell her, though, in the mean time, that I am super grateful and thank her very much for her card and letter of all that she's been up to. :)

Speaking of which...I SAW A TRAVERSE CITY T-SHIRT IN CHILE! Aunt Dee should get a real kick out of that!! haha. I was so surprised!! We were visiting a less active sister and ended up talking to her spouse who was wearing it! I was like WOAHHH, I know that city!! He didn't seem to really understand where exactly it came from, so I don't think he actually visited there. ;)

Also..I got a card from the Krause family with a drawing done by the kids! It was really sweet of them and please tell them that I love it! I love the Krauses, and the drawing was a masterpiece lol. :D I also got a card from Kelsey Snow and she included notes from her, Allura Garcia, and Cris! Tell her I said thank you, as well, and that I LOVE getting notes from home!

Today I drew another $30.000 (US$60) pesos out of the ATM from my home card. I know it's a lot, but the ATM fee here is $4.000 (US$8) and the more you draw out the less of the cut they take. I drew $30.000 pesos a few weeks back to by an umbrella, a scarf, desk supplies, and a few other things. I drew the money out today because we have a couple from our ward that is going to Santiago to the temple tomorrow and they can purchase things for us from the distribution center while they're there. We are getting Amadeo an himnario (hymn book) and a picture book (like one that I bought in the CCM that is super helpful), and I'm hoping to get a small like souvenir from the temple. It shouldn't cost too much with those things, and I'm going to make these $30.000 pesos that I drew out today last for as long as possible only when I need extra things.

Ok, so WORLD CUP! We had to stay in on Saturday from 12:00 until 2:00 while Chile played. Chile perdió (lost), and the streets stayed calm. The last time when they won was LOCO. I'm not sure if Chile has one more game or not, but things are quieting down a little bit. Still, everyone's super excited with the Mundial.

Ok, I have to get going right now. Tell Mitchie and Joyce that I say hi this week when you pass by!!

Love you! Thank you for everything. :)

Muchísimo amor,
tu Elder Trent Sellers
You said Joyce's birthday is coming up on July 7th and that you are going to go visit her. Here you go. :)