Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hey, momma, my dad, and Pan!

So this week is starting out interesting!

I was just robbed! YEAH! Everything's ok: I wasn't approached by the guy and I didn't lose anything crucially important, but man was it a shock. 

Elder Requena and I were sitting and enjoying lunch in a fast food place called Doggi's here in Centro, and a man stole my bag and umbrella without us noticing. In my bag I had my camera with all of the pictures from the mission up until now, my flash drive, memory card readers, a church magazine, a Gospel Art book, and the little bag I carry with a copy of my passport information page and some American stamps. Nothing utterly crucial, thankfully, but still quite a loss. We talked to the workers and they brought us back to the office to watch the footage taken by the security cameras. It was done very slyly. I got to watch it, played back. The man was seated behind me and slowly scooted the chair beside me back until it was out of my view and my bag was close to his table and in his possession. He was acting like he was talking on the phone, facing nearly the opposite direction nearly the entire time and acted like the bag and umbrella belonged to him as he got up and left the store. I didn't notice anything (DANG IT fast food!) until we got up to leave and they were gone. I was so sly --- even Elder Requena hadn't noticed and he was facing the direction of the man! Again, the horrible distraction of fast food! We talked to two Carabineros (policemen) outside of the restaurant, but they told us it would be a long process to file an investigation and I know that the man would be selling my things right away in the streets of Conce. So, those things are lost...but I am ok! :) I'm grateful for that, as that's what really matters.

Momma, I'm going to need to purchase things this week, like a new bag and such, so that you know I'll be using my debit card and be needing a little bit more.

Well, that happened! Now on a lighthearted note...

The past week itself has been a good one! I'm continuing to be humbled in my experience of having a compañero Chileno! It's a big change, going from speaking English in between lessons to speaking Español practically all day long. I've learned a lot of Español in the first two weeks of cambios, or at least become a lot more comfortable with it!

There are still some things that I'm still learning, though. For instance: ordering fast food! When we were at Doggi's today, I ordered my meal but didn't quite understand a little bit of what the employee had said. It turns out that he was asking me if I wanted to "make it a large" and I ended up supersizing my meal hahaha. That worked out ok, though. ;)

Ahh what else. This past week Elder Requena and I worked hard, even in a little bit of rain. We didn't have many lessons, but we found some new investigators that are interested in the gospel and I'm really excited to be able to teach them. We also have some investigators that we are continuing to work with and teach. Specifically, Mario and Daniela and their family! They are a super awesome family with three kids (one, Martín, who is 13), and I hope that we are able to help them set a baptismal date this week and really start progressing.

Gosh, there's a lot more I could say, but I'll leave it at that for now!

I got a little sidetracked today with losing a few of my things, so I'll just have to recollect my thoughts a bit. ;)

Alright, love you, my family! :)

Muchísimo amor,
su Elder Trent Sellers 

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