Thursday, July 3, 2014


Ok, ok, before I forget anything..

I got a card from Aunt Dee! I got it about 3 weeks ago but I keep on forgetting to mention it in email! I'm going to send her an email and a card when I can. It's a bit hard, but I'll get it done with time. Tell her, though, in the mean time, that I am super grateful and thank her very much for her card and letter of all that she's been up to. :)

Speaking of which...I SAW A TRAVERSE CITY T-SHIRT IN CHILE! Aunt Dee should get a real kick out of that!! haha. I was so surprised!! We were visiting a less active sister and ended up talking to her spouse who was wearing it! I was like WOAHHH, I know that city!! He didn't seem to really understand where exactly it came from, so I don't think he actually visited there. ;)

Also..I got a card from the Krause family with a drawing done by the kids! It was really sweet of them and please tell them that I love it! I love the Krauses, and the drawing was a masterpiece lol. :D I also got a card from Kelsey Snow and she included notes from her, Allura Garcia, and Cris! Tell her I said thank you, as well, and that I LOVE getting notes from home!

Today I drew another $30.000 (US$60) pesos out of the ATM from my home card. I know it's a lot, but the ATM fee here is $4.000 (US$8) and the more you draw out the less of the cut they take. I drew $30.000 pesos a few weeks back to by an umbrella, a scarf, desk supplies, and a few other things. I drew the money out today because we have a couple from our ward that is going to Santiago to the temple tomorrow and they can purchase things for us from the distribution center while they're there. We are getting Amadeo an himnario (hymn book) and a picture book (like one that I bought in the CCM that is super helpful), and I'm hoping to get a small like souvenir from the temple. It shouldn't cost too much with those things, and I'm going to make these $30.000 pesos that I drew out today last for as long as possible only when I need extra things.

Ok, so WORLD CUP! We had to stay in on Saturday from 12:00 until 2:00 while Chile played. Chile perdió (lost), and the streets stayed calm. The last time when they won was LOCO. I'm not sure if Chile has one more game or not, but things are quieting down a little bit. Still, everyone's super excited with the Mundial.

Ok, I have to get going right now. Tell Mitchie and Joyce that I say hi this week when you pass by!!

Love you! Thank you for everything. :)

Muchísimo amor,
tu Elder Trent Sellers
You said Joyce's birthday is coming up on July 7th and that you are going to go visit her. Here you go. :)

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