Monday, July 14, 2014


¡Hola, mis padres y amigos!

¡Esta ha sido una semana buena en Chile!

We had mini cambios on Wednesday yet again! Elder Withers wanted to make sure to do mini cambios with both of the other sectors in our district. This time I had the opportunity to go to Pedro de Valdivia! It's in the southern part of Conce, right along El Río Bío Bío, and arguably the richest sector in the mission. It's quite a bit different than the other sectors. We actually went back there today to get a few pictures. I'll send those when I can. I got to work with Elder Hualinga, an awesome elder from Perú, and we had a blast. We visited less actives and got to meet the bishop's family. That's one of the best things about mini cambios --- getting to know the people of the sector! After working, that night we ordered Papa John's! Just as good with garlic sauce and all. ;)

I came back to Lorenzo Arenas Thursday, feeling a little bit sick, but all was better by Friday. It stunk a little bit because we had a "tarde de hogar" (family home evening) with Amadeo and I couldn't quite enjoy it as much. It was still a blast and Amadeo is doing great as a new convert! He is the best student in Sunday School hahaha.

Lorenzo Arenas, overall, is doing real good. We have a baptism this weekend!! Coni, the bishop's niece, is set to be baptized this Sunday, July 20th! We moved the baptism back one day because of all that is happening this week. We have a noche misional (unless it's rescheduled), a family history activity, a move to help with, La Clase de Inglés, and probably a few more things that I might be forgetting. It's going to be a busy week this week!

ALSO, that leads me to the biggest news...


¡Elder Withers se va! After my first three months in Chile, my dad in the mission is being transferred to be a district leader in Chiguayante and leaving me in Lorenzo Arenas. Of course, I'm a little sad to be seeing my friend leave, but more than anything I'm excited! 

Cambios always bring new opportunities and now I'm getting a new companion! His name is Elder Requena, a CHILENO, and I actually just met him here in the ciber! He is a super nice guy, and I've heard great things about him from Elder Medina who lived with him in Chillan. He comes to Lorenzo Arenas tomorrow! 

I'm going to have a COMPAÑERO LATINO! Well, if I haven't learned Spanish fluently yet, I sure have the opportunity to now! I'm so excited to have a native-speaking companion. It's going to be a great experience!

Alright, my family, I have to get going! 

Muchísimo amor,
tu Elder Trent Sellers

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