Monday, November 24, 2014


¡Hola, mi familia!

¡Ya nos pasó otra semana divertida y buenísima!

Cambios happened, and now there is a true diversity in Longavi! Right now we are a Brasileño, a Mexicano, a gringo, and a Boliviano! Elder Flores, un bueno amigo Boliviano from my days in Conce, came here for cambios to end his mission here. ¡Estamos cuatro extranjeros, acá!

During the week, I reunited with my papá! Elder Withers was sent to Parral, a nearby zone, as Zone Leader, and I got to see him for a interzone class that we had there in his zone! It's so crazy thinking of the time that has passed and how much we've both grown. Elder Withers is goofy as always haha.

This week, Elder Mariano and I are preparing for the baptism of Teory! She is to be baptized this Satuday, and I am super excited for her. :)

An appropriate week, really, as it's THANKSGIVING WEEK back home! I'm so excited for that! We don't have the same holiday here, but I'll be thinking about the same all this week. Every day is a good day to be grateful, and I'm grateful for all of the many blessings I have here in the mission, and at home.

With that, I wish you, my family and all my loved ones, a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! May you enjoy all the great food (especially my dad's mashed potatoes and my mom's coolwhip salad), and consider even more the blessings that surround you this week!


Amor de su misionero,
Elder Trent Sellers

P.S. Aunt Dee! I got another card from you a few weeks back and I forgot to mention it! Thank you so much, auntie of mine! I love reading letters from you. ;)


Note to Dad:

I was gonna mention the mashed potatoes, my dad!! I've been thinking about those all this week! I'm gonna miss them, but I'm going to appreciate and love them even more now. ;) Make the good 'ol, buttery recipe! 

The auto show is this week, too! Are you and momma gonna go?!

Glad you had a good time with the gang! That Mexican restaurant is SO GOOD! I've been living with a Méxicano, mi amigo Elder Herrera! ;) He doesn't cook so much, but I'm going to get him to teach me some more!

Yeah, Christmas time is just beginning here!! Líder is so much like Walmart at home, and everything Christmas is already out on the shelves! 

I want to take some Christmas pictures to send as Christmas cards, but I think I'm going to have to wait until the beginning of next week. I'm going to see about that...

Yeah, there's home teaching here! It's a lot more difficult in Chile! I'm actually a home teacher here, and have companions! 

We also have the juste de diezmo these next few weeks, and I have to help with that as Secretary!

Monday, November 17, 2014


¡Buenos cambios, mi familia!

Another 6 weeks have gone by and after having a new announcement of cambios, Elder Mariano and I are both staying with our callings in Longavi! Mi gran amigo Elder Siaosi (from Carlsbad, California - San Diego county!), however, is leaving and I'm sure gonna miss him a lot. 

These past 6 weeks in Longavi have been awesome, and the time together with Elder Mariano (Brasileño), Elder Siaosi (gringo, of course),and Elder Herrera (Méxicano) has made for some of the best weeks in the mission, so far. Lots of diversity in this house! haha.

This past week was a great one, and one of the highlights was the "Thanksgiving Dinner" lunch that we had with the matrimonio misional here in our zone, Los Minch! Hermana Minch, after the suggestion of Elder Siaosi and I, fixed us a traditional Thanksgiving meal, and it tasted in every way like Thanksgiving! Stuffing, cranberries, and all! And Elder Siaosi and I topped it off by making zepallo bars...which we also made for a third time overall for a Noche de Hogar during the week. Haha oh man. I know I mention food a lot.

Things are getting hot here! It's really beginning to warm up, and today it's hitting the 90s (in Fahrenheit - we use Celsius here, of course)! It's not summer quite yet, but I'm beginning to get an idea the heat here as a missionary!

The missionary fun is going well, and Elder Mariano and I are blessed to be preparing for the baptism of Teory, a longtime investigator and daughter of an older less active member. She has finally decided to make the decision, and I'm super excited for her!

Ok, family, got to get going! I should mention that in our letter that we received from President Arrington today, we are now being asked to email for one hour, instead of the allotted hour and a half which we've had previously. Also, they are asking us to keep our Christmas Skype within 40 minutes. That's going to be mighty hard, as there's SO much to say, but it's what they are asking us to do. I'm so excited for that! A lot has happened since we last talked in May! 

I'm so looking forward to Christmas! Just about a month away! ;)

Mucho amor, a ustedes, mi familia,
su Elder Trent Sellers

P.S. ¡Disfruten las fotos que por fin pude manderles!

¡Zona Linares!

"Thanksgiving Dinner" Lunch with Los Minch!

Los roqueros, or the Michael Jacksons

Misioneros disfrazados

Baile de Disfraz

¡Halloween se celebra en Chile igualmente!

Monday, November 10, 2014


¡Buena semana, mi familia querida!

¡Hola de nuevo del campo de Chile!

Theres has been a lot of missionary fun to do this week, and it has made for an awesome start to one of the best times of the year! 

This week, on Tuesday, Elder Mariano and I had a mini cambio for the day and I stayed in Longavi with another gringo, Elder Butler, that came from Linares. We had a good time, working together as two compañeros menores haha. It was fun introducing him to the sector and testing how well I knew the sector myself. Im getting to know el pueblito and el campo pretty well out here!

Later in the week, Elder Mariano and I had a super funny experience contacting. We were riding our bikes out by Los Cristales, a part of our sector about 30 minutes out in bici, when we passed by and contacted a man riding a horse! I chatted with him, pedaling just enough to keep up with the horse, and handed him a pass along card. ;) Missionary fun, as dad and Elder Bevans would say! haha.

On Sunday, Elder Mariano was called as 2nd Counselor in the branch presidency! Another change, and another calling! Now, both of us have our callings as secretary and counselor on top of our responsibilities and callings as missionaries. Its neat being secretario here! I have to work with MLS and even have to count tithing! Lots of responsibility! Its great to help the rama as we can, and I know my companion will do a good job. The members love Elder Mariano, and he will work hard, I know.

Ok, family, have to go! Im without pictures this week, again, still having to fix things with my memory card. Will send some as soon as I can!

Les amo, muchísimo,
su Elder Trent Sellers

P.S. Super excited to hear about the changes in the stake back home!! Ive been thinking about that all week! 

P.S.2. We had lunch with our gringo friend Seth (from Michigan!) today! Its so awesome that hes from Saginaw! He emailed a few of his friends and a few think they might know Aunt Dee! Must be popular, Aunt Dee! ;)

Monday, November 3, 2014


¡Hola, familia!


Even in Chile, there's Halloween! It was a fun week, and between the normal days of missionary work Elder Mariano and I were placed in charge of planning and bringing to pass the Baile de Disfraz (costume dance) of the rama! In the time that we had, we gathered decorations and all. Friday night, all the members, a whole lot of less actives who hadn't been seen in a long time, and a few that we had never seen before gathered together in the capilla for a fun night together. The costumes were impressive, and even us missionaries were able to be a part of it. Elder Siaosi was a man from the munincipalidad, Elder Herrera a luchador de artes marciales, and Elder Mariano and I, after having dressed up as a man from the 80s and a roquero (rock star), were interpretted as two versions, before and after, of Michael Jackson! It was a whole lot of fun, and, even more than that, impressive and touching. Some of those that arrived didn't come with disfraz, but with the help of other members were able to find something to wear and something to be. I was able to do that for one of the younger youth in the rama, giving him the jacket that I had acquired and the glasses that I had brought. It was nice to see him and the others of the rama coming together, and doing things one for another. :)

The great weekend continued, and on Sunday came a surprise. I was called as Secretario de la rama! Having been in Los Hombres Jóvenes for just a week, I was called on Sunday to be the new secretary and now will be working with the rama on a whole different level. I'm excited for that, and the new opportunity to help the rama in another capacity. All in a rama in Chile!

Ok, my family, there is a ton more I want to tell you, but there's never enough time to say everything! Everything is well, and more so I hope everything is going well back home with you. I can't believe all of the changes and news that I hear from home!

Thank you to Sister Stokes, Aunt Dee, Aunt Carol, and Grannie and Papa for thinking of me and helping me a little bit more with the financial aspect of the mission. I'm super grateful, and I thank them. :)

NO PICTURES TODAY because I got another virus on my memory card, from ANOTHER ciber. If I put it in the computer again, it'll delete the pictures that I still have on it. I'll see what I can do and send some as soon as I can, hopefully next week!!

¡Les amo, mi familia!


su Elder Trent Sellers