Monday, November 24, 2014


¡Hola, mi familia!

¡Ya nos pasó otra semana divertida y buenísima!

Cambios happened, and now there is a true diversity in Longavi! Right now we are a Brasileño, a Mexicano, a gringo, and a Boliviano! Elder Flores, un bueno amigo Boliviano from my days in Conce, came here for cambios to end his mission here. ¡Estamos cuatro extranjeros, acá!

During the week, I reunited with my papá! Elder Withers was sent to Parral, a nearby zone, as Zone Leader, and I got to see him for a interzone class that we had there in his zone! It's so crazy thinking of the time that has passed and how much we've both grown. Elder Withers is goofy as always haha.

This week, Elder Mariano and I are preparing for the baptism of Teory! She is to be baptized this Satuday, and I am super excited for her. :)

An appropriate week, really, as it's THANKSGIVING WEEK back home! I'm so excited for that! We don't have the same holiday here, but I'll be thinking about the same all this week. Every day is a good day to be grateful, and I'm grateful for all of the many blessings I have here in the mission, and at home.

With that, I wish you, my family and all my loved ones, a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! May you enjoy all the great food (especially my dad's mashed potatoes and my mom's coolwhip salad), and consider even more the blessings that surround you this week!


Amor de su misionero,
Elder Trent Sellers

P.S. Aunt Dee! I got another card from you a few weeks back and I forgot to mention it! Thank you so much, auntie of mine! I love reading letters from you. ;)


Note to Dad:

I was gonna mention the mashed potatoes, my dad!! I've been thinking about those all this week! I'm gonna miss them, but I'm going to appreciate and love them even more now. ;) Make the good 'ol, buttery recipe! 

The auto show is this week, too! Are you and momma gonna go?!

Glad you had a good time with the gang! That Mexican restaurant is SO GOOD! I've been living with a Méxicano, mi amigo Elder Herrera! ;) He doesn't cook so much, but I'm going to get him to teach me some more!

Yeah, Christmas time is just beginning here!! Líder is so much like Walmart at home, and everything Christmas is already out on the shelves! 

I want to take some Christmas pictures to send as Christmas cards, but I think I'm going to have to wait until the beginning of next week. I'm going to see about that...

Yeah, there's home teaching here! It's a lot more difficult in Chile! I'm actually a home teacher here, and have companions! 

We also have the juste de diezmo these next few weeks, and I have to help with that as Secretary!

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