Monday, November 17, 2014


¡Buenos cambios, mi familia!

Another 6 weeks have gone by and after having a new announcement of cambios, Elder Mariano and I are both staying with our callings in Longavi! Mi gran amigo Elder Siaosi (from Carlsbad, California - San Diego county!), however, is leaving and I'm sure gonna miss him a lot. 

These past 6 weeks in Longavi have been awesome, and the time together with Elder Mariano (Brasileño), Elder Siaosi (gringo, of course),and Elder Herrera (Méxicano) has made for some of the best weeks in the mission, so far. Lots of diversity in this house! haha.

This past week was a great one, and one of the highlights was the "Thanksgiving Dinner" lunch that we had with the matrimonio misional here in our zone, Los Minch! Hermana Minch, after the suggestion of Elder Siaosi and I, fixed us a traditional Thanksgiving meal, and it tasted in every way like Thanksgiving! Stuffing, cranberries, and all! And Elder Siaosi and I topped it off by making zepallo bars...which we also made for a third time overall for a Noche de Hogar during the week. Haha oh man. I know I mention food a lot.

Things are getting hot here! It's really beginning to warm up, and today it's hitting the 90s (in Fahrenheit - we use Celsius here, of course)! It's not summer quite yet, but I'm beginning to get an idea the heat here as a missionary!

The missionary fun is going well, and Elder Mariano and I are blessed to be preparing for the baptism of Teory, a longtime investigator and daughter of an older less active member. She has finally decided to make the decision, and I'm super excited for her!

Ok, family, got to get going! I should mention that in our letter that we received from President Arrington today, we are now being asked to email for one hour, instead of the allotted hour and a half which we've had previously. Also, they are asking us to keep our Christmas Skype within 40 minutes. That's going to be mighty hard, as there's SO much to say, but it's what they are asking us to do. I'm so excited for that! A lot has happened since we last talked in May! 

I'm so looking forward to Christmas! Just about a month away! ;)

Mucho amor, a ustedes, mi familia,
su Elder Trent Sellers

P.S. ¡Disfruten las fotos que por fin pude manderles!

¡Zona Linares!

"Thanksgiving Dinner" Lunch with Los Minch!

Los roqueros, or the Michael Jacksons

Misioneros disfrazados

Baile de Disfraz

¡Halloween se celebra en Chile igualmente!

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