Monday, November 10, 2014


¡Buena semana, mi familia querida!

¡Hola de nuevo del campo de Chile!

Theres has been a lot of missionary fun to do this week, and it has made for an awesome start to one of the best times of the year! 

This week, on Tuesday, Elder Mariano and I had a mini cambio for the day and I stayed in Longavi with another gringo, Elder Butler, that came from Linares. We had a good time, working together as two compañeros menores haha. It was fun introducing him to the sector and testing how well I knew the sector myself. Im getting to know el pueblito and el campo pretty well out here!

Later in the week, Elder Mariano and I had a super funny experience contacting. We were riding our bikes out by Los Cristales, a part of our sector about 30 minutes out in bici, when we passed by and contacted a man riding a horse! I chatted with him, pedaling just enough to keep up with the horse, and handed him a pass along card. ;) Missionary fun, as dad and Elder Bevans would say! haha.

On Sunday, Elder Mariano was called as 2nd Counselor in the branch presidency! Another change, and another calling! Now, both of us have our callings as secretary and counselor on top of our responsibilities and callings as missionaries. Its neat being secretario here! I have to work with MLS and even have to count tithing! Lots of responsibility! Its great to help the rama as we can, and I know my companion will do a good job. The members love Elder Mariano, and he will work hard, I know.

Ok, family, have to go! Im without pictures this week, again, still having to fix things with my memory card. Will send some as soon as I can!

Les amo, muchísimo,
su Elder Trent Sellers

P.S. Super excited to hear about the changes in the stake back home!! Ive been thinking about that all week! 

P.S.2. We had lunch with our gringo friend Seth (from Michigan!) today! Its so awesome that hes from Saginaw! He emailed a few of his friends and a few think they might know Aunt Dee! Must be popular, Aunt Dee! ;)

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