Monday, November 3, 2014


¡Hola, familia!


Even in Chile, there's Halloween! It was a fun week, and between the normal days of missionary work Elder Mariano and I were placed in charge of planning and bringing to pass the Baile de Disfraz (costume dance) of the rama! In the time that we had, we gathered decorations and all. Friday night, all the members, a whole lot of less actives who hadn't been seen in a long time, and a few that we had never seen before gathered together in the capilla for a fun night together. The costumes were impressive, and even us missionaries were able to be a part of it. Elder Siaosi was a man from the munincipalidad, Elder Herrera a luchador de artes marciales, and Elder Mariano and I, after having dressed up as a man from the 80s and a roquero (rock star), were interpretted as two versions, before and after, of Michael Jackson! It was a whole lot of fun, and, even more than that, impressive and touching. Some of those that arrived didn't come with disfraz, but with the help of other members were able to find something to wear and something to be. I was able to do that for one of the younger youth in the rama, giving him the jacket that I had acquired and the glasses that I had brought. It was nice to see him and the others of the rama coming together, and doing things one for another. :)

The great weekend continued, and on Sunday came a surprise. I was called as Secretario de la rama! Having been in Los Hombres Jóvenes for just a week, I was called on Sunday to be the new secretary and now will be working with the rama on a whole different level. I'm excited for that, and the new opportunity to help the rama in another capacity. All in a rama in Chile!

Ok, my family, there is a ton more I want to tell you, but there's never enough time to say everything! Everything is well, and more so I hope everything is going well back home with you. I can't believe all of the changes and news that I hear from home!

Thank you to Sister Stokes, Aunt Dee, Aunt Carol, and Grannie and Papa for thinking of me and helping me a little bit more with the financial aspect of the mission. I'm super grateful, and I thank them. :)

NO PICTURES TODAY because I got another virus on my memory card, from ANOTHER ciber. If I put it in the computer again, it'll delete the pictures that I still have on it. I'll see what I can do and send some as soon as I can, hopefully next week!!

¡Les amo, mi familia!


su Elder Trent Sellers

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