Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Hola, familia!

Buenas noches!

Well, today was an adventure! Elder Moore and I left here this morning to go to Concepción for a doctor´s appointment for him. We spent the day there waiting at the doctor´s office, eating lunch at Subway, visiting the office and carrying our companion´s packages back to the zone. There´s a lot to tell, but since it´s almost 10:00 I have practically no time! We got back late and received special permission from Presidente Arrington to write.

MILAGRO! Today while waiting at the doctor´s office I met a sister missionary from WESTVILLE, INDIANA! Literally from the very same town as Uncle Greg, Aunt Susie, and Katie! Her name is Sydney Johnston, and I will write Katie when I can to tell her more. ME ASOMBRO! I have been incredibly amazed in the mission by coming to see how small the world can really be!

AHORA, before I forget...GENERAL CONFERENCE! This weekend is the annual General Conference of the Church, Saturday and Sunday, and everybody is invited to listen! It is an incredible blessing to be able to listen to the voice of a prophet of God. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God today, and I personally invite all to listen to the sessions this weekend to feel the Spirit of this Easter weekend and understand the love of our Heavenly Father and His work. lds.org

With that, I want to leave this letter with my testimony of the Savior. Jesus Christ is the true Only Begotten Son of God, and my Savior and Redeemer. These last few months, I have been able to be a personal witness of His love and mercy, and his merciful hand which he extends to all so that they might come unto him. He lives, and He loves us. He loves me, and He loves you, and this Easter weekend, might we show our love for Him by remembering Him and the comforting and reassuring truth that He lives.

Love you, my family. 

Until a longer letter next week,

Elder Trent Sellers :)

Monday, March 23, 2015


¡Buenas, familia mía!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of cambios, and we learned today that Elder Moore and I are both staying in Coihueco! It's going to be a great new cambio with this crazy Canadian! I've personally learned a lot this last month and a half, and I've been humbled by the experience in this small rama and with my very humble companion. One of the hermanas here, Hermana Taylor, is leaving with cambios, and we will miss her! Missionary work is missionary fun in Coihueco haha.

This last week was a busy final week of the cambio. We had a stake conference this past weekend, Saturday and Sunday, and participated in the sessions Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Two weeks until la Conferencia General en sí!

Well, today has been a productive P-Day! Elder Moore and I went into Chillan, visited Líder and bought a frying pan, ate lunch at McDonald´s (I promise it's not a habit haha), and bought a few other things in centro. We're finishing emailing now in la capilla here in Coihueco, and getting ready to leave to contact the people here in the streets before we go to a Noche de Hogar later tonight with la familia Belmar. 

I have to apologize...I tried sending photos, but a virus started attacking my card in the ciber! Estoy chato with the viruses here in these ciberes! I'm going to get everything well, and send the pictures as soon as I can. The wait is worth it!

Ok, family, I love you all. 

Espero que tengan una semana inspiradora y divertida.

¡Les amo muchísimo, todos!

Mucho amor,

Elder Trent Sellers

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


¡Buenas, mis seres queridos!

Ha sido una semana muy inspiradora y feliz por la celebración este año pasado en la misión. 

I spent the week thinking of the blessing of serving as a missionary for an entire year, read your emails, and was humbled, and Thursday we brought cake to a members house and at night Elder Moore and I bought churrascos and completos! ¡Delicioso!

I did, though, have something more important on my mind during the week - EL CUMPLEAÑOS DE MI PAPÁ!


In the midst of the last preparation day madness, I forgot to mention the very most important thing of the week. 

I love you, my dad, and thank you for the loving papá that you are. You are one of my very greatest examples, and, even when now I may be taller, I look up to you.

Today, itself, has been a lot more tranquil P-Day. Elder Moore and I have given ourselves the time necessary today to do our chores, cleaning the house and organizing things, eating a chorrillana (yo), and now we're off to get haircuts. 

I love you, family! I wanted to send pictures today, but it's looking like it might take one more week. They will be worth the wait! 

Ah, and also - yes, there was a volcanic eruption to the south of us! We didn't see anything, but it was in the news! Not to far! We actually live relatively close to a volcano here in Chillan, I believe.

Ok, love you all!

¡Les amo!

Amor de su misionero Chileno,

Having some missionary fun! 
su Elder Trent Sellers

Monday, March 9, 2015



¡Este jueves marca un año en la misión!

It's hard to imagine, but I've been away for just about a year. I've been reflecting on that these past few days and will be doing so even more this next week. It's going to be an inspiring week, and we're planning on celebrating! That'll most definitely involve something good to eat!

These last 24 hours have been rather crazy. We had a successful day of missionary fun yesterday until the later hours, and then realized we had to catch a bus to Chillan suddenly to spend the night there to leave on time this morning for a zone activity. We ended up taking a taxi, and that is a story that requires much more time and which required us a fortune of pesos Chilenos. Today we went as a zone to Salto de Itata, a beautiful waterfall and excavated dig that we explored and hiked through, and of which I have awesome photos...for next week!

Ah wow! Have to get going. Going to read your letters in more detail later tonight.

I love you all a lot, and thank you for the many examples that you are to me. If you could only see the day to day life I live in the mission in Chile.

Les amo mucho,

su Elder Trent Sellers

Monday, March 2, 2015


¡Buenas tardes, familia!

¡Feliz mes de marzo!

A really important date is coming up here soon! Wow, how much has passed since last March. We can save that for next week, though.. ;)

It has been a really interesting week here in Coihueco! It is well safe to say that I am learning so much here as I have learned in my other sectors in the mission. It is, of course, unique!

I could say a ton. We are living in a newly-renovated casita behind a warehouse where they sort blueberries! The elders actually changed houses three days before I arrived, and we've been enjoying the small, quaint little house that is newly painted and fitted with new appliances. We live about 40 minutes out from Chillan, west and towards the cordillera (mountain range). We go into the city every week for district class and sometimes for P-Day. We've stayed here in Coihueco these past two weeks to save on time! Coihueco has all of the basic things that we need. Oh, and we wash laundry in the house. We have a washer! We hang the clothes outside.


I GOT A PACKAGE! THANK YOU, momma and my dad, for the package full of snacks and all of the things that hold me over! ;) It's hard to express my appreciation in an email, but I love you and thank you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY COUSIN, MITCHIE(ton), and also to my Aunt Kathy! Thinking of you both this week! 

There's never enough time to say everything, but I promise I think of you, all of you, all during the week. You are in my prayers and I love you. :)

¡Que tengan una buena semana nueva!

Mucho amor de su misionero,

Elder Trent Sellers