Monday, March 2, 2015


¡Buenas tardes, familia!

¡Feliz mes de marzo!

A really important date is coming up here soon! Wow, how much has passed since last March. We can save that for next week, though.. ;)

It has been a really interesting week here in Coihueco! It is well safe to say that I am learning so much here as I have learned in my other sectors in the mission. It is, of course, unique!

I could say a ton. We are living in a newly-renovated casita behind a warehouse where they sort blueberries! The elders actually changed houses three days before I arrived, and we've been enjoying the small, quaint little house that is newly painted and fitted with new appliances. We live about 40 minutes out from Chillan, west and towards the cordillera (mountain range). We go into the city every week for district class and sometimes for P-Day. We've stayed here in Coihueco these past two weeks to save on time! Coihueco has all of the basic things that we need. Oh, and we wash laundry in the house. We have a washer! We hang the clothes outside.


I GOT A PACKAGE! THANK YOU, momma and my dad, for the package full of snacks and all of the things that hold me over! ;) It's hard to express my appreciation in an email, but I love you and thank you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY COUSIN, MITCHIE(ton), and also to my Aunt Kathy! Thinking of you both this week! 

There's never enough time to say everything, but I promise I think of you, all of you, all during the week. You are in my prayers and I love you. :)

¡Que tengan una buena semana nueva!

Mucho amor de su misionero,

Elder Trent Sellers

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