Monday, August 25, 2014


Hello, my dad, momma, and pan!

Everything's going well here in Chile! 

And there's NO CAMBIOS this time for Elder Requena and I!

We received the call this morning that we'll both be staying in the sector! Elder Medina is leaving to Linares. We'll miss our Ché Querido. He's such a funny guy. So this means that I will be in Lorenzo Arenas for the next six weeks, which includes a service activity in the cementary on September 13th, EL 18 DE SEPTIEMBRE, and La Conferencia General at the very end of the cambio! There's a lot to look forward to these next few weeks!

This past week has been a great one. This weekend we had STAKE CONFERENCE! It was my first stake conference in Chile, and my first stake conference in a completely foreign language. It was awesome! We traveled to the chapel in Gleisner, in Centro, Saturday night for the adult session and Sunday morning for the general session. We received some great counsel from the stake presidency, which actually includes an hermano from our ward: Presidente Tapia! It was fun gathering with all the other missionaries in this zone.

Ok, I don't have much more time today because I sent a BUNCH of pictures. Quite a few are from our ward mission leader Hermano Del Río. You have to check out his Instagram: rick23delrio! He has a bunch from the barrio there! 

Ok, my family, got to get going! I love you and I miss you. I'm going to try to remember to tell you next week about the flooded font and the time recently when I had to kick a dog! haha oh gosh.

Ok, love you, family!

Amor de su misionero,
tu Elder Trent Sellers

Iyapu (the band is spelled something like that)

¡Cantamos canciones Chilenas!

Los jueces

Presentamos los premios (we presented the awards!)


Sound man in Chile

Recibimos diplomas por nuestros esfuerzos

Monica Cuadra ganó


Basketball in Chile
Basketball in Chile, with my great grandpa visiting!
Basketball in Chile, with my great grandpa visiting!
My great grandpa!

Elder Hepsworth has been home for about a year and a half, but came back to visit Chile with his little brother!

He is my "great grandpa" in the mission because he trained the trainer of my trainer. 

Elder Hepsworth trained Elder Catron.
Elder Catron trained Elder Withers.
Elder Withers trained me!

My bud, Elder Shumway! He's been our líder de zona for these past two cambios, and he goes home to Provo, Utah tomorrow!

My bud, Elder Shumway! He's been our líder de zona for these past two cambios, and he goes home to Provo, Utah tomorrow!
Arco iris en Chile!

Fernanda was baptized yesterday! She was taught by Elder Harrison and Elder Medina.

We celebrated Fernanda's baptism with milanesa, an Argentinian dish (fried meat) that is DELCIOUS! Elder Medina showed us how to prepare the meat and it turned out great!


Monday, August 18, 2014



HAVE TO WRITE REALLY FAST TODAY! I sent a few photos from this week that I took with my camera! 

Yeah, I went to Paris and bought another Canon! A Canon ELPH 150 IS. It's working really well. It's a lower model than the other one I had, but still great and not too flashy. I didn't want to get anything that would draw too much attention. Of course, thank you my momma and my dad! :)

So YEAH, the weather has been AMAZING this week! We haven't had any rain in a while, and there's been plenty of sun and clear skies! Today is actually warm and I'm wearing a short sleeve shirt, like I said in the other email. ;)

I GOT MAIL TODAY! Today I got the flash drive from Cris, another letter from her, and a letter from Aunt Dee!! I didn't see it in our mailbox when I checked it when we got to the office, but somehow my companion found them! I LOVE getting mail! :D Be sure to thank Aunt Dee for me! I need to send her an email as soon as I can. I'll write Cris right now.

We don't have a real good idea about transfers, but it's definitely possible that Elder Medina and I will leave this cambio. For sure, Elder Medina, we think. With me, it's a little more up in the air. I love Lorenzo Arenas, where I am now. I would love to stay here for el 18 de Septiembre, but I would also be excited to head off to a new sector and have a fresh start. We shall see!!!

So crazy about the news at home!!! Presidente Tait being released, Sabella coming home, Elder Harrington getting married, Lake George going through changes! Wow!

Tell Bro Tait I say hi! I think about that guy all the time! Good to hear they're back in the ward!

Also, I'm so proud of my boys in Scouts! Tell them all I say hi! 

Ah gosh, momma, sorry to hear about your crash and burn! Hope your arm gets better. :) Gosh! haha yeah, Aunt Dee must have been excited to hear that one! hahaha

Ok, momma, have to get going for now! I have a few ideas for the Christmas package, but I'll you them next week!

Love you, momma!!!!

Tu Elder Trent Sellers :)

Hey, my dad!

Sent you some pictures from this week!

We had a ward activity called "Mi Nombre Es" and we got to impersonate people and perform! We elders sang a few canciones Chilenas ("Vuelvo" por Iyapu, "Luchin," y "Si vas para Chile") and I sang "Mirrors" Justin Timberlake for everybody! haha. It was a blast!

Things have been going real well this week! I love hearing the news from home. :D Crazy, all of the changes that I'm hearing about!

Ok, my dad, I have to get going! 

Love you, my dad! ¡Que tenga una semana fantástica, y que no se caiga momma en su bici de nuevo! ;)

Amor de tu misionero,
tu Elder Trent Sellers

The old Ford and I
We missionaries of Lorenzo Arenas!

We missionaries of Lorenzo Arenas!

Hermano Lopez's old Ford that he partially restored

Old Ford

Old Ford, with el perro Floppy

Drum and a staircase, a la casa de la familia Lopez

Certificate for performing!

I got to be one of the judges! Por eso, the acts that I participated in didn't win. ;)

At the activity with our ward mission leader, Hermano Del Río! ¡Él es tan bakán!

¡Mi nombre es Justin Timberlake! I sang the song Mirrors by Justin Timberlake! JT!

Mi Nombre Es...
Actividad del barrio, MI NOMBRE ES
Actividad del barrio, MI NOMBRE ES
Actividad del barrio, MI NOMBRE ES

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Hey, my family!

It's been a good week in Lorenzo Arenas!

Elder Requena and I are working really well together! There are some quiet times between the two of us haha, but I blame mostly the language. Speaking Español is becoming a lot more like second nature with having a compañero Chileno! Elder Requena is from Santiago, just about 7 hours from here, and he's been in the mission for 17 months! He originally received his call for Venezuela, but was put on a visa wait in Santiago for the first 7 months of his mission and eventually reassigned for Concepción. He loves fútbol, and especially the team de La Universidad Católica. He's a bit of a fanático!

We are beginning the fifth week of this cambio! It's possible that I will leave Lorenzo Arenas in this next cambio, or the next. Usually missionaries stay in a sector somewhere from 4 and a half to 6 months (3 to 4 cambios), and I'm just finishing my third cambio here! It's crazy, right?!

So of all the things this past week, I wanted to share about a less active family that we are working with.

Chile has a huge number of members of the Church, but an unfortunately huge number of them are less active or inactive. POR ESO, one of the focuses here is reactivating!

Right now, we are working with José and Rosa Ormeño Sanchez. They are an awesome couple, members of the church who are less active, and grandparents of five (I believe) grandkids. They have a wonderful family, and are two really kind, talkative Chilenos. Elder Withers and I found them, and Elder Requena and I are continuing to teach them. 

About a month ago, Hermano and Hermana Ormeño came to church for the first time in TWENTY years. Hermana made a commitment with God that she would go to church if he might bless their grandson that he might receive the health that he needed. And so they went, for the first time in twenty years. Their grandson got better. They're committed to going to church once again, and they're continuing to reactivate themselves in the Gospel.

I mention them super breve because I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to help them as a family come back into the Gospel. They hadn't been to church in more that twenty years, more than my lifetime, and I have the great blessing of seeing them come back. None of their kids are active, and none of their grandkids are members, yet their coming back as grandparents is the beginning of an incredible blessing for their family. 

I thank Heavenly Father that I'm able to help strengthen their family, as I've known he has strengthened mine.

I know this church is true, and I know that there are many blessings in store for this family, as well as every family that might find the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love you, my family, and I think about you all the time. You are my motivation, and I thank Heavenly Father for every one of you every day. 

Mucho amor de Chile,
Elder Trent Sellers

Monday, August 4, 2014


Hey momma!

It's been a good week! These weeks do seem to go by pretty dang fast, but we do SO much in seven days here!
Ok, , let's see what else...

I haven't got the flash drive from Cris yet. I'm eagerly awaiting anything. ;)

I've recovered pretty well from my robbery last week. ;) I went to Paris in Centro when Elder Requena went one morning for his therapy to buy a backpack. I bought a simple Nike backpack, and it's been working real well. I'm probably going to do a little bit of shopping as soon as we get out of the ciber to buy a flash drive and memory cards, but I'll hold off on the camera until next week. Thank you, momma and my dad, for taking care of me. It hasn't impeded our work too much. :)

Everything that I might need still like a folder and pens I'll buy at Lider today.

I hadn't heard about the Gallina's! That's awesome!

Ok, momma, really have to go!

Love you, momma!

tu Elder Trent Sellers