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HAVE TO WRITE REALLY FAST TODAY! I sent a few photos from this week that I took with my camera! 

Yeah, I went to Paris and bought another Canon! A Canon ELPH 150 IS. It's working really well. It's a lower model than the other one I had, but still great and not too flashy. I didn't want to get anything that would draw too much attention. Of course, thank you my momma and my dad! :)

So YEAH, the weather has been AMAZING this week! We haven't had any rain in a while, and there's been plenty of sun and clear skies! Today is actually warm and I'm wearing a short sleeve shirt, like I said in the other email. ;)

I GOT MAIL TODAY! Today I got the flash drive from Cris, another letter from her, and a letter from Aunt Dee!! I didn't see it in our mailbox when I checked it when we got to the office, but somehow my companion found them! I LOVE getting mail! :D Be sure to thank Aunt Dee for me! I need to send her an email as soon as I can. I'll write Cris right now.

We don't have a real good idea about transfers, but it's definitely possible that Elder Medina and I will leave this cambio. For sure, Elder Medina, we think. With me, it's a little more up in the air. I love Lorenzo Arenas, where I am now. I would love to stay here for el 18 de Septiembre, but I would also be excited to head off to a new sector and have a fresh start. We shall see!!!

So crazy about the news at home!!! Presidente Tait being released, Sabella coming home, Elder Harrington getting married, Lake George going through changes! Wow!

Tell Bro Tait I say hi! I think about that guy all the time! Good to hear they're back in the ward!

Also, I'm so proud of my boys in Scouts! Tell them all I say hi! 

Ah gosh, momma, sorry to hear about your crash and burn! Hope your arm gets better. :) Gosh! haha yeah, Aunt Dee must have been excited to hear that one! hahaha

Ok, momma, have to get going for now! I have a few ideas for the Christmas package, but I'll you them next week!

Love you, momma!!!!

Tu Elder Trent Sellers :)

Hey, my dad!

Sent you some pictures from this week!

We had a ward activity called "Mi Nombre Es" and we got to impersonate people and perform! We elders sang a few canciones Chilenas ("Vuelvo" por Iyapu, "Luchin," y "Si vas para Chile") and I sang "Mirrors" Justin Timberlake for everybody! haha. It was a blast!

Things have been going real well this week! I love hearing the news from home. :D Crazy, all of the changes that I'm hearing about!

Ok, my dad, I have to get going! 

Love you, my dad! ¡Que tenga una semana fantástica, y que no se caiga momma en su bici de nuevo! ;)

Amor de tu misionero,
tu Elder Trent Sellers

The old Ford and I
We missionaries of Lorenzo Arenas!

We missionaries of Lorenzo Arenas!

Hermano Lopez's old Ford that he partially restored

Old Ford

Old Ford, with el perro Floppy

Drum and a staircase, a la casa de la familia Lopez

Certificate for performing!

I got to be one of the judges! Por eso, the acts that I participated in didn't win. ;)

At the activity with our ward mission leader, Hermano Del Río! ¡Él es tan bakán!

¡Mi nombre es Justin Timberlake! I sang the song Mirrors by Justin Timberlake! JT!

Mi Nombre Es...
Actividad del barrio, MI NOMBRE ES
Actividad del barrio, MI NOMBRE ES
Actividad del barrio, MI NOMBRE ES

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