Monday, October 27, 2014


Hey, my family!

It's the end of October, and Halloween is coming our way!

It's great to hear the traditions are continuing at home, while I'm learning and experiencing new ones here. ;) 

This week has seen another Conferencia de Zona, my first one being in Zona Linares, and a Noche de Postre y karaoke with the rama! It was a super fun week, and spiritual as well having the opportunity to listen to our leaders during the conference. 

For the Noche de Postre, I made mom's pumpkin bars, but with a twist...squash! There's no pumpkin to be found anywhere here, so I had to adapt the recipe to use zepallo, a type of squash! Oh man, it probably doesn't sound as good to you as it was haha, but the zepallo bars came out GOOD! I literally had to carve out the squash, as nothing like it comes in cans, and it took hours of work and even hours in the oven as our gas-powered oven was running out of gas! Momma, you'd be proud! :)

 Just as well, things have been turning out real well with the missionary work we do each day. ;) Longavi has the ability to grow so much. Elder Mariano and I are working, finding new people and helping others come back to a knowledge of the Gospel. This week, one of the young men, Alvaro, received his mission call, and we had the opportunity to be there with him as he opened it. Since then, he's come out with us twice and it's been so awesome to hear his testimony as a convert and his animo to serve a mission in Trujillo Peru in another three months. With a few months in the mission already, I know better and feel even more convinced that the Gospel is true. 

It is true.

Alright, my family, I have to get going! I hope that you have a wonderful week this coming week, and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We're having a baile de disfraz in the rama! ;)

Mucho amor de su misionero,
Elder Trent Sellers

P.S. I need to mention that I met a man from Bay City, Michigan! His name is Seth and he is an English teacher here! He knows Kryziacks, Aunt Dee!!

Conferencia de Zona, de Linares y Parral

Conferencia de Zona, de Linares y Parral

One of the young men from Longavi, Alvaro, opened his carta de llamamiento! ¡Le toca MisiĆ³n Peru Trujillo! 


Seeing as there is not much calabaza (pumpkin) to be found in Chile, I had to adapt mom's recipe for pumpkin bars using zepallo (the nearest relative, a type of squash)! They came out GOOD!

They didn't win the contest, but I was real proud of them! They're still not as good as mom's pumpkin bars, though. ;)

Zepallo (the nearest relative, a type of squash)

Noche de Postre, y ¡karaoke!

Noche de Postre, y ¡karaoke!

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