Monday, October 20, 2014


¡Buena semana, mi familia!
¡Todo bien, acá!
It's been a real busy week, and I'm getting to do a lot here in Longavi!
Just this weekend..
On Saturday, we had a baptism in the morning! ¡Gladys se bautizó! That was super cool for only my second week here! In the afternoon, I taught a guitar class, we held mutual and spent time with the youth, and then spent hours cleaning the chapel and talking with la familia Cárcamo, the family of our Branch President, about the rama.
Sunday I was able to confirm Gladys, and then gave one of the two talks for Sacrament meeting about learning and teaching within the Church.
Just in the weekend, there was a whole lot to do!
I'm so grateful for the opportunities that I'm having here. I love Longavi, and I'm really looking forward to the experiences of these next few months!
This is the Lord's work. It's so neat to see it come forth in a small pueblito in the country of Chile. This is the Church of Jesus Christ. It is true. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God who restored the very same church, and today we have a living prophet Thomas S. Monson who guides us and helps us understand our Heavenly Fathers will for us.
I love you, my family. I hope you have a great week this week. Not a moment goes by that I don't think of each of you.
Mucho amor de su misionero en Chile,
Elder Trent Sellers :)

Trent's answers to some questions from Mom:

We are good on meals! The Relief Society President (wife of our Branch President) organizes lunches and we are fed every day by members, save P-Day. The mission gives each of us about $35.000 pesos Chilenos to give to the branch to help members with the costs of lunch.
In the house we have a gas stove-top oven (finally an oven! --- we didn't have one in Conce!), a microwave, a refrigerator, and an electric container to heat up water.
We get mail here regularly every month. The zone leaders go to Conce the beginning of every month for Consejo with President, and they bring the mail with them from the office. It'll take longer to get here, but it'll get here. ;)
We do our laundry when the others aren't haha, and we hang our clothes on lines that he have inside the house!
Elder Mariano and I are good friends! We're having fun working together. He's crazy and almost always up beat. It's so cool having a Brazilean companion! I'll probably be here for six months. It's especially a trend here in Longavi, with the callings that we hold as missionaries.
Thanksgiving isn't the same here, but we ARE having a Halloween party that us missionaries are in charge of ON Halloween! Christmas we usually spend with la familia Cárcamo (the Branch President's family), but they are going to be leaving the branch real soon and there will be some big changes. We shall see! It will be so cool being here in the campo for Christmas!
Ahh, I thought of some things for the next package! ;) ...
- Pilot G2 pens
- spacebags (one of mine broke over cambios and those have saved me!! Thanks for suggesting them so much, momma.. ;) )
- customizable stamper (one of the missionaries had one at home --- it would be so cool to be able to stamp our passalongs with our names and number!)
- Nutella (I had to leave a lot in Conce, dang it!)
Ah, and real quick, momma, I'm sorry for having to take so much out of my account recently! This first month here is going to be rough financially since we have to spend so much on bus rides and transportation, and bike repairs. Our trips are reimbursable, but our receipts only get to Conce once every month with the zone leaders! I'm going to take more money out today to help me get through the money and to cover bike repairs when I take it in. That could come out to $20.000 or so! Got to fix it up, though.

Welcome to Longavi!

That's the entrance to the pueblo!!  I got pictures by those two guys last week but they were deleted from my card by the virus!! I'll get some more by those guys this week! ;)

                Hahaha we went fishing by that big field today!!!  It's a big farming field, and there's a river that you can see
                that runs right along it. We were fishing above and to the left of that very same field, us four missionaries with
                a less active member and his friends! We live in 2 Poniente by the colegio in a casita with a huge palm out 
                front that looks like a pineapple!

Bicis, campo, y los Andes

Mi bici, y mi basura por el momento jaja.
This bike has a lot of problems, and I have to take it to get it fixed!

Bautismo de Gladys

¡Los misioneros de Rama Longavi!

Fishing in Chile (thinking of you, Uncle Bob!)

How's that for a mountain?!  I think of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit when I see it, thinking of the Misty Mountain.

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