Monday, October 13, 2014



¡Que campo hermoso!

Wow, what a sector it is, and what a week it has been! I made it here on Tuesday, taking a bus from the terminal in Conce, through Chillan, Parral, and up to Linares, and then from there back down to Longavi with Elder Mariano.

Longavi is way different than anything I have seen in Chile, yet! It is BEAUTIFUL!

The town itself is a small pueblito, with a plaza full of shaded trees and benches in the middle and surrounded by local shops. The majority of sector, however, goes way out, and to the ANDES!

The sector is huge, and literally touches the Andes Mountains! They don't look too far either, but they're yet hours away! Elder Mariano and I work as far as an hour bus ride or so will take us! 

The church situation is a whole lot different, too! Longavi is a rama, instead of a barrio, and the group of units is a distrito, instead of a stake. There is a lot to do here, and the missionaries do a LOT of it!

Just this Sunday, we were each assigned home teaching companions to go out with to visit less-active members, and Elder Mariano and I were called as Young Mens President and 1st Counselor! Elder Mariano and I are also edificadores de la rama. We are given a certain amount each month by the Church to fund activities in the rama. 

The missionaries here, with the llamamientos that we have, are able to do a lot more than other missionaries in the mission. It's a really rare situation, and a huge opportunity! I'll have to explain more about that. ;)

Overall, things are real good here! We live in a casita, four of us missionaries, and do our own laundry. Fortunately, we have a washer, but we do have to hang-dry our clothes. ;)

Dad, I did get your card two weeks ago! Thanks for the pictures. :) And, of course, the package! Thanks, momma and my dad, for everything that came with it! I had to cram as best as I could in my luggage for cambios! Unfortunately, I had to leave some of the peanut butter behind, dang it haha.

Also, I got a card from Aunt Dee! Thank you, Aunt Dee! I love hearing from my auntie in Michigan. ;)

Ok, got to go, my family! So much to tell!

¡Les amo, muchísimo, mi papás, y Pan!

Mucho amor,
su Elder Trent Sellers

con Rodrigo Inostroza

con la familia Lopez

con la familia Escobar

con Hermana Juanita, Hermana Ursula, y la Pamela

con Alejandro Inostroza y Cecilia Soto

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