Monday, July 7, 2014


Hola :)

Before I forget... I got the PACKAGES, and your card!! The card I got last week from the mission office right before we went to the ciber to email, but I forgot to write about it! Thank you, momma. :) NOW, these PACKAGES I acquired today! WOW they came fast!! I took the more compact box out of the bigger box, like you mentioned, and they're both sitting right here with me now. I can't wait to open them up and see what kind of goods are waiting inside! Packages are AMAZING to receive in the mission! Thank you, muchísimo, mis papas. :D

Also,  I found the other set of sheets in the space bag with my sleeping bag and they've been working great! I'm going to change them again today, when we bring laundry to Hermana Lopez later. ;)

I'm glad you and dad had a great trip with Uncle Bob and Aunt Judy up in Georgia! Thanks for all the pictures! MAN, it looks like you had fun!! Dad sure is enjoying the retired life, now. ;)

That's awesome that you got to see Joyce and Mitchie while you were up there, too! So Joyce has a TABLET, then?! I hope she has a really great birthday today. Gosh, that's a lot to take care of with her cataracts and all. Hopefully that will all go well and she'll be able to see better. That's SO AWESOME about Mitchie and Bekah, and that Mitchie has a calling and is working towards going to the temple! You have no idea how awesome that is to a missionary cousin. I'm so proud of that guy. :) I mention him a lot when I bear my testimony about the gospel to the families here and when I share about how much of an effect the gospel has had on my family and I. And really that's the reason why I am here: so that other families can experience the same joy in their lives and I've seen in mine with my own family. That is always on my mind, and always my motivation. :)

Weather has been pretty nice this past week. The beginning of last week was pretty fome (lousy) with overcast clouds and rain, but that always happens here after a really nice and beautiful week. ;) These past few days have been really pretty nice, and the cool weather has been nice as long as I've been prepared for it! Today's been relatively warm, and I'm enjoying P-Day thoroughly. :) We went PAINTBALLING this morning! 

I sent a bunch of pictures that I'll consider the majority of a weekly update this week. ;) 

As an update for the missionary work in our sector, right now Elder Withers and I are working with Coni, the 11 year old niece of our obispò. I'm really grateful that Obispo Rivas trusted my companion and I to ask us to teach her. We've set a baptismal date for the 19th of July, and are teaching her on the weekends when she's at her grandma's. Teaching Coni is a reminder to me of the ability everyone has to understand the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the importance of the gospel in families. It's a tender thought to our bishop, to see his niece coming unto Christ and uniting his family further. It reminds me of Mitchie and the feelings I've felt having seen him make the same decision.

Alright, gotta get going! Any other questions? :)

Quick heads up: cambios are next week! There is a good chance that Elder Withers will be leaving Lorenzo Arenas, as he has six months in this sector, but we aren't entirely sure. Anything is possible, and so we will see this next week!

Alright, love you, momma, and my dad! 
Mucho amor,
Trent, Elder Trent Sellers  

Mini cambios! My buddy Elder Gonzalez, from Argentina, came to Lorenzo Arenas for the day!

The site of the Concepción, Chile temple of la Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Últimos Días! Elder Withers went to the sector/barrio Pedro de Valdivia for a baptismal interview, and we were able to swing by the temple site. Still no official word on when construction will start, but we have heard possibly sometime later this week. The temple will be an incredible blessing to the members and all people here in Conce. Right now members have to make a 6 to 7 hour trip of buses and colectivos to make it to the Santiago temple. The temple site in Conce is situated across from el río Bío Bío.

The site of the Concepción, Chile temple of la Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Últimos Días!

Mini cambio in the sector Universitario! Got to spend a day working in centro, working with mi compadre Elder Sanchez! 

This morning, as a zone, we went PAINTBALLING! Mi equipo: Elder Hualinga (Perú), Elder Flores (Bolivia), Elder Withers, Elder Harrison, y yo.

OWWIE --- something we say a lot in our apartment between Elder Withers, Elder Medina, Elder Harrison, and I haha. It was a joke between Elder Withers and Elder Medina in Chillan when they lived together there.


Después de la batalla

Compañeros, and soldiers in the literal Army of God  

Compañeros, and soldiers in the literal Army of God

I got shot in the button

Elder Withers and I went to SUBWAY for lunch! I got a BMT, as the usual. Note: it's not the same. I love Chile, but I'll be honest in saying that they can't quite do American. They try. Chilean food, though --- ¡DELICIOSO!

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