Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Hola, mi familia!

I'm going to try sending a better, briefer update of the week so I can make sure I tell you the most important things before anything else!


¡AMADEO SE BAUTIZÓ! My first baptism in the mission! Amadeo Lizama Leiva, who we had been working with the past few weeks, was baptized Saturday, 21 de Junio, and confirmed the next day during La Conferencia del Barrio Lorenzo Arenas (ward conference). I had the great privilege and opportunity to baptize this 83-year-old man and guide him through the process. The service was humbling and spiritual. There were probably a total of 10 of us there for his baptism. Carlos Muñoz, 11 years old, sang a special musical number guided by his mom, and Obispo Rivas and our amigo Cristian Lopez gave discursos.

Just before Saturday I had caught a cold and lost my voice, but fortunately with the remedies of Hermana Lopez, a lot of hot water, and prayer I was able to be well enough to baptize Amadeo. It was an incredible experience and I'm going to send a lot of pictures in just a second.

TAMBIEN, ¡la noche de Sábado tuvimos un Mate Criollo! It's basically a ward social, with mate (a Chilean/South American drink that we're not allowed to drink in the mission) and SOPAIPILLAS! Sopaipillas are these fried dough things that are amazing! We had a great time and played MUSIC! We practiced a few times before and played an entire show of music, along with Karaoke. Rodrigo Inostroza is a recent convert of a few months and he's super kapo with music! We had a blast!

Ok, going on to other emails and sending pictures!

Elder Trent Sellers

Manuel, the man that works in our apartment building. He always says, "HOWWWWWWW" to greet us! haha and of course we say it back!

The people here go LOCO cuando Chile gana!

A stocked pantry makes a happy missionary!



Elder Withers and I love Amadeo's and Cristian's faces in this one! haha. Cristian is super awesome and comes out with us all the time! He is super nice, and a great friend to Amadeo.
¡Amadeo, después de su bautismo!

¡Amadeo, después de su bautismo!

We gave Amadeo a set of scriptures and notebook that Elder Withers, Cristian, and I had all signed

Los misioneros del Barrio Lorenzo Arenas

Haha I love this photo! From left to right: Rodrigo Inostroza (recent convert), Luciano (student of our English Class and potential investigator), me, Elder Harrison, and Obispo Rivas!

¡Loco para los sopaipillas! Con Rodrigo Inostroza. He's awesome!

¡Loco para los sopaipillas! 


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