Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Buenas tardes. :)

Yeah, my monthly allowance has been lasting fine! We have $100.000 (I know, a lot!! haha) (about US$200) every month, and I've been allotting myself $20.000 (US$40) per week and a little more from the rest when I need extra (like money for haircuts and laundry --- we have to pay Hermana Lopez $4.000 (US$8) every month for laundry expenses). We got our haircuts here last Tuesday by a man named Emeterio who has a small shop close to our apartment for $2.700. Not bad for a haircut, and it was awesome! 

Yeah, for the most part I've been staying real warm! The big coat that I have has been working GREAT, especially in the rain! It's definitely getting a lot colder here this month and the next. Winter gets really cold here with the rain, and the apartment has been getting colder at night. I'm thinking about buying another small electric heater and getting it reimbursed by the office. We have a small one in the apartment now that another elder has bought a ways back, but the other elders use it more and we could use some more heat. ;) All is good, though, and I've been staying warm at night with my longsleeve shirt and my shirts and wool blanket. The wool blanket is awesome!

I still haven't bought an umbrella yet, but I'm going to see about that today. ;)

My waterproof clothes are working really well, and these boots are awesome! 

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