Monday, June 16, 2014



It's been a crazy week, and a great week!! 

I went on mini cambios a total of three times this week! The first time Tuesday night for 30 minutes when we met up with the Universitario elders to do a baptism interview, the second time for all of Wednesday morning in Centro while Elder Withers was at a training at the office for newly called leaders, and then for 24 hours with the Laguna Redonda elders the rest of Wednesday and Thursday! I'm getting around! Wednesday night I spent the night in Lagunda Redonda, working with Elder Shumway (one of our zone leaders). It was an awesome experience working in different sectors! It was cool getting to know the area better and meeting the investigators of the other elders.

We bought our second heater! Elder Withers and I got it at Lider last week and it's been working great! It's a small little electric heater. We used it to dry our clothes and shoes after Tuesday night, too, when we were working in the rain and treking through the flooded streets! It was crazy! We're all dried out, though. ;)

Today's BEAUTIFUL. There's practically no clouds in the clear, blue sky, and it's just cool enough to be nice. :)

Ok, have to get going, but before I go! ..

- we had to stay inside Friday night from 6 until the end of the night because of the partido Chile vs. Australia
- we have to stay in this Wednesday due to the partido Chile vs. España
-.the World Cup makes for a good time to contact people in the street, but I think it's going to get crazier as we get into the month!


Tuesday night it was pouring rain and many of the streets turned into ríos! Elder Withers, a member Cristian, and I waded through water way up past our ancles and came back completely mojados from the waist down! It was a crazy experience, and as I told them, a testimony of the reality of our message!

Elder Withers and I

Elder Withers and I

Si, a little damp!

La Laguna Redonda, and our apartment complex

La línea of the train, on the border of our sector! During mini cambios this week, Elder Shumway and I hopped on a train, each for about five seconds haha. Hitchhiking on a train in Chile!
Chilean sunset :)
Chilean sunset :)

Potentially the world's largest fire extinguisher!

The moon this morning, seen from Chile

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