Monday, June 2, 2014


Hola, toda mi famlia y todos mis amigos: 
P-Day's been great so far! We got news of cambios (transfers) this morning and Elder Withers and I are safe and staying in Lorenzo Arenas together! Elder Taylor, who was "born" in Lorenzo Arenas and who has been here for six months, is getting transferred, though. We'll be getting a new guy in the apartment, then, tomorrow --- Elder Harrison! I don't know him, but he's from a place in Idaho that is really close to Boise and Elder Withers is excited to meet him! Ah ya, and Elder Withers, my papa, has been called as District Leader! He'll be leading our district for at least the next 6 weeks, and that means that our days are going to be a little different. He'll be called by the other companionships every night, teach district class, go on mini cambios at times, and so on. Should be an awesome experience!

After our studies this morning, we came into centro and went to the office, where I helped the senior couples figure out a problem that they were having with accessing a database on the nurse´s (Hermana Balden) computer. We got it figured out, and then Elder Withers and I walked more into the city and had lunch at a place called Mamut. It's about the closest to an American restaurant that you can find here! It was awesome, and I had chicken tenders, fries, and a strawberry lemonade. Not bad for a missionary! The place is like a Chile's, but the design reminds me of Elephant Bar. I think they might be related.

Right now we're emailing and after we have to go shopping and get haircuts. I'll see about the umbrella! And I definitely need a haircut. I haven't had one since the CCM. ;)

So, I'm going to look for the sheets in my sleeping bag the next time we do laundry! We did a small load of laundry this weekend (or dropped it off at la familia Lopez) because of cambios, and we actually have to go pick it up tonight or tomorrow. Sheets the next time around!

Ok, what else, what else...let me see the other email.
           Sent as much as I could about today and a little about this week, but a little bit more.

      - Elder Withers and I contacted 156 individuals (por lo menos) this week
      - I was able to annoint oil for another Priesthood blessing
      - I'm coming to understand people more and more, and seeing (or hearing) progress in the language (including calling                            our district leader one night)

      And, as I said in the other email to mom, Elder Withers has been called as District Leader! These next few weeks will    be a little different than my first 6 weeks here. Ah yeah, and this means the end of my first cambio, or transfer, here! ¡LOCO!

       Alright, leaving with two photos of our zone (or what our zone is before cambios!).

       Great elders, here!

      Love you,

      Elder Trent Sellers

 Photo of our zone (or what our zone is before cambios!).

 Funny photo of our zone (or what our zone is before cambios!).

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