Monday, May 26, 2014


Update contains two emails plus pictures:

Email# 1:

Hola toda mi familia y todos mis amigos!

Tell Bro Adkinson that I say hi and congratulations on receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood!

I don't know if I'm going to have time to mention it in a bigger weekly email, but I had the neat experiences of using the Melchizedek Priesthood this week. :) One night I annointed oil for a blessing for a sick sister, and two nights or so later (last night), I was able to give a blessing to a lady in our ward that has cancer. It was the first actual blessing that I've ever given, and in Spanish! It was a really neat experience, and I was surprised that I was asked to do it!

The Priesthood is a huge blessing and huge example of the trust that Heavenly Father has in us, and maybe you can share that with Joe. He holds the power of God to act in His name, and he has that trust of our Heavenly Father. :)

It's going real good, my dad!!

I had to go get my Chilean ID, visa, and residency stuff taken care of this morning! I got my offical RUT number and I should get my ID in two weeks or so!

After that we had an AWESOME lunch at this place called Tata Pollo. A quarter of a chicken, a load of fries, and a drink for 2200 pesos, or less than five dollars!! I haven't found a better deal in Chile since we tried it my first P-Day here! haha. After that we got handscooped ice cream cones, just before coming here to Full Planet to email! 

Good P-Day so far!! I'm going to try to send some pictures if I have time!

There's going to be so much to show you here! Chile is such a neat place!

Have to get going!

Love you, my dad!! Have a great week!

Elder Trent Sellers

Email# 2:

My suit came out nicely from dry cleaning, and I got two of my ties drycleaned the week after that had gotten stains from the Comedor at the CCM. ;)

I haven't bought an umbrella yet, but I probably will soon. I've been staying dry in my rain gear (it's really cool how dry you can stay when you're wearing the right things!), but apparently June and July are the really rainy months and it's going to get more rainy and a bit colder. I'll see about buying an umbrella maybe next Monday once I get money again for the month. 

We can't visit the mall unfortunately. :( It's probably a good thing, though, since it'd be hard to walk through there if there was an Apple Store! ;) El Arco de Oro (McDonald's) is in the mall, too, but there is a small little McDonald's ice cream stand inside of the Líder building where you can buy two ice cream cones for 500 pesos, less than a dollar!!

YEAH, I felt el temblor (tremor) on that Friday a week and a half ago!! We had a zone conference and president was speaking to us when all of a sudden the ground shook! We all joked that it was the power of president's words!! haha. That is the second tremor that I've felt on my mission so far. One in Mexico, and one here! President and Sister Arrington and the senior couples are preparing 72 hour kits for every missionary, and they've been recommending for us to stow water in soda bottles, just in case. The mission is real good about safety. :)

THANKS for the Harry Potter pictures, momma, and dad!! It looks AWESOME!! When's it supposed to open?? Have they announced a day yet?

So today is Memorial Day?! Are you and dad at Uncle Bob and Aunt Judy's? Tell them that I say hi, and send them a big THANK YOU for the birthday card that I got from them!!! I'm going to try to send them a quick email and picture when I can to say thank you myself! I got birthday cards from them, Aunt Dee, Uncle Bill and Aunt Kathy, Uncle Greg and Aunt Susie, Cris, and Travis! Make sure they all know how grateful I am. :)

Conferencia de Los Nuevos

Reunited and it feels so good! Together again with mis compañeros del CCM!

All of my CCM buddies reunited at la Conferencia de Los Nuevos! We had a two-day conference at the mission office for all of us who are new to the mission. We had Subway one day and Papa Johns the next, and learned a lot one on one with Presidente Arrington and Hermana Arrington, along with the assistants.

Un ratón y un conejo, hecho por la hija de una de las familias que están en nuestro barrio

Elder Withers and I made popcorn! 

Yum, popcorn!


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