Monday, May 5, 2014


Hey, my parents!!

It's going great, my dad! We've been busy and working really hard! Lorenzo Arenas is an awesome ward and there are so many nice families here. I'm going to send a bunch of pictures your way right now, since I'm a bit behind on that. ;)

I'm going to try to Skype around 4:30PM on Sunday!! We're on the same time now since Chile set their clocks back a week ago, so expect me to call around then! We're going to Skype from la casa de la familia Muñoz. They are super nice and awesome, and we're going to have an hour and a half to Skype!

I have to go, since I spent a lot of time sending pictures, but I will talk to you on Sunday!!

Love you, my parents!! Tell Travis I will talk to him on Sunday TOO!

Elder Trent Sellers

One of the LAN airplanes at the Santiago, Chile Airport

Our rescheduled flight to Concepcion, Chile after the "apple incident"!

Our welcoming to Concepcion, Chile!

The birthday package made it and I saved it for my birthday! :)

The pantry, a little fuller with PEANUT BUTTER!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Gracias, mi familia!

Me and my first company and trainer, Elder Withers!

Mi cumpleaños a la casa de la familia Muñoz, con mi amigo Elder Taylor (from Utah) and tambien mi amigo Hermano Del Río

Mi cumpleaños a la casa de la familia Muñoz, con mi amigo Elder Taylor (from Utah) and tambien mi amigo Hermano Del Río


A small park outside the wall of the Concepcion cemetery.

Trying to stay organized! Missionary apartments can get a little messy.

Nuestro cuarto, and my desk.

My first birthday cake in Chile! Yum!

The cross at the top of the hill, above the cemetery. We have an investigator, Isabel, that lives up there.

Cementerio General de Concepcion which is in our area.

Walking up the hill!

A "chow".  This one lives up the hill and I call him Chew-baca!

The cross on top of a hill overlooking Cuidad de Concelcion

Cuidad de Concepcion

Cuidad de Concepcion

Me with Cuidad de Concepcion in background.

The Bio Bio River

Old ruin on hill above Cuidad de Concepcion. It's a little further up from the cross.

The Ocean/El Mar

Me and the cross on hill above Cuiidad de Concepcion.

Ruins above Cuidad de Concepcion.

Back from playing futbol!

Our mission apartment kitchen.

Received my birthday package. Thanks momma, and thanks my dad!

Birthday present to myself!;) We're allowed to have musical instruments in our mission! Yippee!

Our maps and schedules! Busy, busy!
Mission office

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