Monday, August 17, 2015


¡Buena semana, familia!

¡Saludos de la misión!

The last week ended very different that we might have foreseen, but Elder Fuentealba and I worked our tootsies off this week! I mean that quite literally, as my compañero had to have his in-grown toenail taken care of on Thursday in a visit to the doctor's office! Elder Fuentealba was asked by the doctor to rest his foot on Thursday and Friday, and is now doing much better and is much alleviated from the pain that he had. We were bound to the house those two days, but we were able to arrange times for me to go out with one of the other elders to contact people. On Friday, two returned missionaries, Raul and Alejandro, helped us so we could make a visit. Raul stayed with my compañero while Alejando and I went to visit a less-active sister who later came to church on Sunday! A few commitments were unkept and many plans fell through, but we did nearly all that we could to bring others unto the Savior this week. Not only did that less-active sister, Hermana Blanca, come to church after we had gone to pick her up with a member, but three recent-converts, Hermana Marcela, Angel, and Thalía, all came as well after having not seen them in church for weeks.

The Lord blesses us and the efforts that we make are evidently answered. Although we may not achieve to exactness what we might have desired, not one effort is wasted in the Lord's service.

May we all have a wonderful and blessed week, wherever we may be, and may we recognize the many answers to our prayers.

Welcome home, my parents!

Mucho amor de su misionero,

Elder Trent Sellers :)

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