Monday, September 21, 2015



Ah, what a signature day, el 18 de Septiembre, and what a WEEK, las fiestas patrias!

Elder Fuentealba and I traversed the flag-lined streets of Hualpen, enjoying the sounds of folklore and the tempting smells and tastes of comida Chilena. Empanadas, pajaritos, alfajores, asado, and glasses of mote con huesillo made for two very satisfied missionaries at week's end.

Friday we ate lunch with la familia Vidal, one of the sisters being who we bring to church in her wheelchair on Sunday, and on Saturday we spent our given two hours in a ward activity with Hermano David Silva, his wife and daughter who are not yet members, and another investigator, Michael, who we went to go get. It was incredible to see all in the chapel enjoying the activity, and it was well spent on our part!

Elder Fuentealba and I continued working as hard as we could, and that included finding a man alone in his house the night of el 18 and sharing with him. The alimento espiritual that we shared makes up for the little alimento físico that we might have missed.

Very grateful for this beautiful country in the which I am serving, and very grateful for the blessing it is to bring the blessings of heaven to los Chilenos. :)

Mucho amor de su misionero,

Elder Trent Sellers

The Fiestas Patrias, September 18th, commemorates the proclamation of the First Governing Body of 1810, and marks the beginning of the Chilean Independence.

Flags line the quaint street for Septiembre 18th

Celebrating Septiembre 18th with a kite.

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