Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Jamás había trabajado así como en esta semana.

Suffice it to say that never have I worked as in this past week!

Elder Beeston and I have been blessed to an unprecedented scale in Coelemu. We were able to work with the members in truly inspired situations throughout the week, including visiting a part-member family with Presidente Parra that is in a similar situation to that in which he was three years ago. We found 12 new investigators, willing to listen to us again. Thursday through Sunday, we shared between 5 and 6 lessons each of those days.

We have invited all to remember why we need a Savior in this time of Christmas.

On Sunday, José came to church! Elder Beeston and I, before Sacrament meeting, taught the young men and then the Primary! haha. I gave a talk during the Sacrament meeting about being a witness of the Savior. We traveled to Quirihue in the afternoon and went with Relief Society representatives from the stake to do a visit between the block of meetings.

We spent Sunday night in Tomé, and this morning took a hike to a tunnel along the coast!

Much to show, but shall words suffice!

I love you, my family!

Mucho amor,
Elder Trent Sellers :)

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