Thursday, December 10, 2015


¡Elder Beeston sobrevivió su primera semana!

We two have come to walk these streets and enter into houses to a degree that neither of us had expected.

Elder Beeston and I were blessed to have the support from the members from our very first day. After having left our suitcases in the house and changed pants, we went out to work. We worked with the members every day except Sunday in our first week here. Hermano Jorge Silva took us to know many of the members Tuesday night, and he was followed by Freddy, Fernando, and Hermano Valenzuela as they also accompanied us the rest of the week.

We, Sunday, were blessed to see two investigators who we had found during the week in church (Jóse, más Cecilia)! 44 attended in Sacrament meeting. Before the third hour Sacrament meeting, Elder Beeston and I taught the class for the young men and subsequently the Sunday school for all of the youth. We bore our testimonies in the fast and testimony meeting. A bus ride in the afternoon took us to Quirihue, where Presidente Parra had asked us to preside for his absence for meetings with the stake president. I directed the fast and testimony meeting between the 14 of us in Quirihue, and Elder Beeston and I taught the adult Sunday school after and the combined Priesthood meeting later.

We have stayed attent to the Lord's service, and I am grateful for His trust. Elder Beeston has looked for eagerly to el día de preparación, and it's been well-earned! We just returned from gathering pine cones with the jóvenes and going on a short paseo with la familia Parra to el río Itata.

I love you, my family!

You are in my prayers. :)

Mucho amor de su élder,

Elder Trent Sellers

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