Monday, November 30, 2015


¡Feliz día de acción de gracias, familia!

¡Celebramos con pai!

This week will not be forgotten as one of the busiest and most rewarding of the mission.

After Thanksgiving celebrated with pie, us elders and the hermanas (Hermana Monroy and Hermana Black) from Coelemu came together on Black Friday to teach all about their family history! We put together our efforts and talents to make a booth where we invited any of those in the street in Coelemu to learn about their ancestors and how they can become eternal families. It was special, and incredible to see every elder and hermana talking to everyone.

Saturday morning, we finished packing lunches for the youth of Quirihue and Coelemu, and Elder Fonseca and I ran to gather young men. After enjoying pancakes with manjar, Presidente Parra took us to the base of cerro Coiquen where we climbed to the top! We saw from ocean to mountain! It was a long hike that took more than 6 hours in total!


¡Nos cambiaron! I will be going to Coelemu! I can't begin to explain how surprising this cambio is. Elder Fonseca is leaving to Penco, and I will be opening a sector for elders in Coelemu, training a new elder as the hermanas are leaving!

Tomorrow I will learn who the boy is!

I am grateful for so much, and for the new opportunities that Heavenly Father has entrusted in me.

I love you, my family!

Mucho amor de su misionero,
Elder Trent Sellers :)

Have to fly to Quirihue!

Made it to the top of Cerro Coiquen

Elder Fonseca, Elder Baldwin, Elder Nelson, Elder Sellers

Cerro (Hill) Coiquen in the background

Hiking up Cerro (Hill) Coiquen 

Teaching all about family history! (in Coelemu)

Our Thanksgiving pie!

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