Monday, November 16, 2015


Never one is far from seeing miracles!

This was a week to be remembered in the progression of Quirihue!

In two different occasions in the past week, we elders had met with our branch president, Presidente Parra, and separately with Hermano Marcelo Arevena of the stake High Council, to discuss the future of Quirihue and possible changes to be made in Sunday meetings. A decision was concluded to increase the hours of meetings from two to the inspired three, and to hold the Sacrament meeting as the first hour. For the last number of weeks, meetings in Quirihue were held from 3:00 until 5:00 in our home, the Sacrament meeting being the second hour after a general class the first hour.

The change was anxiously considered by some, especially in regards to the attendance of the hermanos of Quirihue in the first hour of the block, but, come Sunday, what a miracle!

There were 27 in attendance in the Sacrament meeting, 14 hermanos coming from Quirihue itself! A number absent would have only added to the strength of the greatly improved attendance. Classes were organized and every organization, for the first time in months, met in its own due class.

Presidente Parra pulled me aside, and has asked me to serve as Young Men's President in both Quirihue and the main branch Coelemu! There is a possibility that we might travel on Sundays.

Hermana Humilde was also in attendance during the second hour during a Gospel Principles class that Elder Fonseca and I taught.

Blessings we saw, indeed!

Today we come from a morning spent on the black-sand beaches of Cobquecura! That was an adventure only to be later described by pictures!

I love you, my family, and pray that you might have a wonderful coming week! I pray for each of you every day, and I love you between this distance.

Have a fun week, my parents, and love you, Bread!

Mucho amor,

Elder Trent Sellers

Our replica of the ConcepciĆ³n temple!

Spectacular views!


Elder Baldwin
Elder Nelson
Elder Fonseca
Elder Sellers

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