Tuesday, December 30, 2014


"...I wanna wish you a merry Christmas!"

En serio, ¡espero que todos ustedes tuvieran una Navidad fantástica y que la pasaran muy bien!

It was a great Christmas week here!

The highlight of course was talking in Skype with my very favorite people, but the rest of it was good, too! ;)

Tuesday we had our Conferencia de La Misión, with the entire mission. It was so awesome seeing all of the élderes and hermanas that I've come to know. I ran into all of my old compañeros de casa, mi papá Élder Withers, Élder Kemner and Élder Archibald (my very first two compañeros and some of my greatest friends), Élder Ospina, and mi abuelo Élder Catrón and my recently-born tío Élder Harvigsen, and the rest I just can't count now. It was a great experience, and every zone performed a skit or song. Our zone sang "Venid Adoremos." Presidente Arrington and Hermana Arrington talked to us, and later we were able to listen to an autoridad del área who spoke to us about being misioneros consagrados. Right before lunch, we watched the Christmas Mission video that the mission put together, which included pictures of the families of every missionary. It was spiritual and emotional, thinking of our families and the reason we are here, and at the end Presidente and Hermana Arrington left us with a challenge and promise that we one day be sealed in the temple to our own families. There really is no great joy that that which comes from eternal families.

Christmas Eve, we went caroling in the hospital in Linares as a zone. We sang on every floor, and sang to patients and families alike. Later in the day, we passed by a few families of the rama to wish them a feliz Navidad and to sing them each a carol. 

La Noche Buena misma and Navidad, we passed with la familia Cárcamo in Linares. We had a traditional and grand Christmas dinner with them (Presidente, Hermana, Benjamin, Liz, and Jeremias) and one other hermano solo from the rama, Hermano Muñoz. After dinner and unlike home, we opened Christmas presents, late that night. We had done an amigos secretos with la familia Cárcamo, and every one had a gift. We had a great time opening presents, and although I left a few presents to open for when we would get back to Linares, I spent that later part of that night reading through the advent calendar. Thank you, family, for that, one of the greatest presents I have ever received, and as well for every other gift that you gave me. I received a lot this Christmas, and it really humbles me. Thank you not specifically for the gifts, but for loving me and caring for me so much.

Christmas we passed played fútbol and basquetbol, and I played wearing my new jersey of the U de Chile. (My real favorite equipo, though, is Orlando City, and thanks my dad for the awesome shirt of the team! ¡Es tan bakán!)

We ended up staying one more night in Linares, and Friday we came back to our good 'ol casita in Longavi.


We have cambios! We found out this morning that Élder Mariano leaves to Chillán, and I will be staying in Longavi with a new compañero Méxicano, el Élder Ramirez! I'm going to be living with two Méxicanos! jaja. It's going to be great, and I'm going to be working on la comida Méxicana! At the same time, I am going to miss Élder Mariano an awful lot. He is único, el hombre, and brings animo with him wherever he goes. I've learned a lot from him, and I thank him for that which he's taught me, mi querido compañero brasileño.

Ok, family, ¡FELIZ Y PROSPERO AÑO NUEVO! ¡Ya saben que voy a estar pensando en ustedes cuando pasamos al año nuevo!


Mucho amor,

su Élder Trent Sellers

La cena navideña

A grand Christmas dinner with la familia Cárcamo!

We played fútbol Christmas morning

Yo y Elder Mariano

Yo, Élder Mariano, Élder Flores, Élder Herrera

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