Monday, December 8, 2014


¡Buenas, mi familia!

It's been another week of Christmas, and Christmas has yet to arrive!

I guess that's something different in the life of a missionary. Every day is like Christmas! We talk about the Savior, every day, and in everything we do. There's just a little more Christmas Spirit this time of the year. ;)

Things are going well in Longavi. This week, we bought our árbolito from Líder and decorations from small shops in Linares, and put everything together in the casita. Todovía nos falta un poquito, but things are looking good in the little house!

Friday, we had interviews with Presidente, and at night a Noche de Cine Navideña for the rama that we hosted as the missionaries. Saturday, Elder Flores and I both taught the clase de guitarra, which is now becoming more of a general clase de música as we are beginning to teach a little piano, o teclado, as well haha. It's awesome teaching music in Español! haha. 

The idioma is really coming along, and it's been really neat becoming accustomed to speaking Español every day, with my companion and practically everybody!

A few weeks back, I taught my companions and the family of Presidente Cárcamo Racoon Bandit, and that's been a hilarious new tradition of the rama! It's the game that we play a lot at home, that Elder Evans taught us, where you make signals with your hands and freeze or put people on the floor for 10 seconds. Ah gosh, it's so funny! It's made the voyage to Chile now haha.

Ok, quickly, FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS a Charlie Grace (de Twent), Uncle Bill, and Uncle Jerry! Also, a speedy recovery to Aunt Susie! I'm thinking of all of you!

Also, I'm very sorry to hear about the passing of Brother George Romney. I love him a whole lot, and Sister Romney and all of their family, and I send my regards and prayers for them. What a blessing it is to know we can be with our families, really, forever. 

Ok, les mando mucho amor, mi familia y todos ustedes queridos.

¡Que tengan una semana buenísima!

Amor de su misionero,
Elder Trent Sellers

P.S. Momma and my dad, enjoy the BEACH! Gosh, imagine the distance between the campo of Chile and the sunny beaches of Florida haha. 

¡Los misioneros de Longavi y nuestro árbolito de Navidad!

Elder Mariano (Brasil - compañero mío), Elder Herrera (México), yo, Elder Flores (Bolivia)

¡Feliz mes de Navidad!

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