Monday, January 5, 2015


¡Llegamos al año nuevo!


Wow, what a year, 2014. I spent the majority of it serving a mission in a foreign country, and what a blessing that has been. Being in Chile and helping the people here come unto the Savior and receive peace and happiness in their lives makes for a great year.

It's also really fun, and the Chilenos have taught me so much! That includes Español, and oh am I excited to be able to speak it, better and better every day.

This week was a great first week of a new year.

We passed New Year's Eve having dinner with Teory, her son Marcos, and Hermana Carmen, and got back to the house at 11:00PM, waiting for the new year. At midnight, we launched confetti in the house and made a lot of noice with party favors haha, and reflected on the past year.

New Year's Day and the following day, I went to Linares for a mini cambio while my companion, Elder Ramirez, went off to Concepción for leadership training. He is a newly-called district leader, and him and Elder Flores, both here in Longavi, make for the two district leaders in the entire Zona Linares.

It's been fun getting to know my companion this week. He is a real outgoing missionary, and I've come to realize that we both are really ambitious. It's funny, he likes practicing his English and I like practicing my Español, so many times we end up speaking between the two languages and answering each others questions or comments in the other's language haha. 

I'm looking forward to the cambio ahead. It's not going to be easy, but I'm sure I'm going to learn a lot and I hope that includes making comida Méxicana!

Love you, my family! Gosh, such crazy news from home! I hope everything is well.

Que estos cambios que vengan sean para su provecho. ;)

Mucho amor, y feliz año 2015,

su Élder Trent Sellers



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