Monday, January 12, 2015


¡Buena semana, mi familia, y ¡felices 10 meses de la misión!

Wow! It amazes me that 10 months have already passed by in the mission. I don't like to do much counting, but I am grateful for every moment and treasure every moment that I might have here. I sure do miss you, family, but know that everything is well and that the mission is the most incredible experience of my life. I've done some pretty awesome things, too, but the mission is incredible.

Y ¡que locas las semanas! Elder Ramirez and I have been busy in Longavi, with much to do and many people to see and visit. It's amazing how many people we meet, how many we really get to know, and where we go to find them. This week we took several bus rides into the sector, one the very same trip of 45 minutes, out towards the mountains. 

Last Monday we took a trip to el río Longavi, during el día de preparación, as you saw from the pictures Teory posted, and it was a blast! We went out exploring, up, down, and across the river, and were able to wade in a bit and enjoy the cool, agua Chilena! The campo of Chile is beautiful, and it is an awesome blessing of the mission to enjoy it, while we serve as missionaries.

This día de preparación, we're shopping and emailing here in Linares, returning to Longavi, and then going out to the campo later in the evening to celebrate Elder Flores' birthday with la familia Cárcamo! Elder Flores is one of my great friends from the mission, músico like I am, and he goes home this cambio! 

Speaking of birthdays, I quickly wanted to wish a FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS to Grannie, today, and Uncle Bob this week! ¡Que disfruten sus días, y las tortas! ¡Les quiero, mucho!

Of course, I love you all very much, and hope everyone has a great coming week. Right now, off to finishing emailing and preparing for this next week!

Les amo, mi familia,

su Elder Trent Sellers



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