Monday, September 1, 2014


Hey, my family!

It's been a real good week in Lorenzo Arenas here in the Conce!

Now, I know I promised last week that I would tell you about the overflowing font and the dog encounter, finally, but after thinking about it I'm going to wait one more week until I gather a few pictures to go with the stories. ;) Sorry, sorry, but it'll be worth it! The dog didn't bite me, by the way! I haven't had any problems with that, although my companion Elder Withers did and I laughed straight for five minutes thinking about it haha.

So, I've been doing well this week. Lorenzo Arenas is doing good and the people are staying strong. Especially Amadeo! He has since received the Aaronic Priesthood, and is staying for all of church, for all of the classes. We go by about twice a week to follow up in teaching him. We're passing by with Hermano and Hermana Mella to teach him more about family history this week. Hermano and Hermana Mella are AWESOME and some of the pioneers of the Church of this area of Chile. They both served missions, Hermana in La Misión Chilena, and have taught us a lot about the history here. Hermana is actually a Historian of the Área!

This month marks the beginning of the HUGEST month in Chile! El mes del ¡18 DE SEPTIEMBRE! So much is going to be happening this month! El 18 de Septiembre is the greatest holiday in all of Chile!! Chilenos are off from school for the entire week and there is a PLETHORA of BBQs, empanadas, pajaritos (fried dough kind of like sopaipillas - the name means little birds), more food!

Speaking of food, we went back to Doggie's today and I used some clever techniques (keeping my leg through the strap of my bag) to guard my things. ;) Those clever Chilenos, man. All was well and we enjoyed lunch without losing anything other than satisfying our appetites! haha.

Ok, ok, I have to get going. I will write anything I've forgotten next week!

Love you, my family! :)

tu Elder Trent Sellers

Zona Concepción del último cambio

We have a little over 20 elders in our zone here in Conce! 

The zone's since changed a few elders with the last cambio, but we still have the same number. Good guys, here!

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