Monday, September 8, 2014


¡Hola, mi familia!

Admist all that I did this week, I had the great honor of meeting one of the very first pioneers of the Church here in Conce! Her name is Hermana Ormeño, and she is 96 years old! The first missionaries to arrive in Concepción arrived at her doorstep in 1958, and she and her family were some of the very first to be baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in this part of the world. Before the first chapel was constructed here in Conce, in Gleisner, meetings were held at her house. She and her daughter came to the Sacrament meeting yesterday to bear their testimonies of the Gospel, and afterwards we ate lunch together in the home of la familia Lopez hearing more about their history as pioneers of the Gospel in Chile.

She is quite the talkative, spunky old lady of 96 years, and has a firm testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We too, like Hermana Ormeño, are pioneers of the Gospel. I was thinking a lot about that. Maybe we don't have quite a history, but we are pioneers, nonetheless. We are the first few in our family to know the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we are helping bring these blessings to our family and others.

I am grateful for that, and grateful for this Gospel. I am grateful for the opportunity, as always, to bring those blessings to the families here in Chile. :)

Les amo muchísimo, mis papás y Pan,
tu Elder Trent Sellers

One of the very first pioneers of the Church here in Conce! Her name is Hermana Ormeño, and she is 96 years old!


So it's really a short story..

A few weeks ago we went to play futból with our zone, against another zone, in Laguna Redonda. It's a sector right next to ours, and home to a really nice cancha (field) of synthetic turf where we always play as missionaries. When we got there, there were only a few of us. There was also a friendly looking dog wandering around. I said hi to my friends and went to give my buddy Elder Sanchez (from Argentina) a big hug. The dog was nearby and thought I was attacking him! We tried to calm it down, but it was angry at me, and so barked and went in to try to bite me! I didn't want to give it the chance to do so, so I kicked the dog with my foot as I had so prepared myself to do and backed up! The kick humbled the dog right away, but at backing up...I fell into a pit of mug that had built up from the construction nearby! I fell in with both feet, and both of my shoes came out covered in the mud! Only this week did I set aside the time to clean 'em, and the picture is after the fact. And so, dang it, the dog still got me!

Muddy shoes!
Clean shoes!
¡Queque hecho por la mamá de Elder Requena!

¡Queque hecho por la mamá de Elder Requena!

Arco iris en Chile con mi placa
Arco iris en Chile con mi placa
A meal at Doggi's

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