Thursday, January 21, 2016


¡Hola, papás!

Sorry for not writing on Monday! Elder Beeston woke up very sick to his stomach during the middle of the night and we spent the entire day in the house except for a very brief trip to a small store close to the house to buy him Powerade and salted crackers. He rested the whole day on Monday, and by Tuesday morning he was feeling much better! Tuesday we spent the entire day in Tomé. We had a zone class in the morning and then in the afternoon went on divisions with the elders there because of two baptism interviews that I was to do. We only were able to do one in the end, and the hermano I interviewed has to avoid tea for another two weeks, but it went well. :) Yesterday we traveled from there to Penco for the worldwide training and got back to Coelemu at 6:00. We've spent very little time here this week!

Heading to take the bus to Trehauco now where we'll eat lunch with la familia Valenzuela and spend a portion of the afternoon working!

Great to see the storage container emptied from the chapel! Haha we're about back in!

Love you, my parents! Glad you enjoyed the pictures! :) I'll write more on Monday! President gave us permission to write for a brief time today! :)

Mucho amor de su misionero,

Elder Trent Sellers

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