Monday, June 15, 2015


¡Buenos cambios, mis queridos!

¡Qué semana! y ¡qué semana ésta será!

The call of cambios came this morning and with it news that I will be leaving Coihueco and heading to my fourth sector in the mission

Oh my gosh, it did strike me as a surprise!

Today I will be packing my bags and tomorrow leave for Talcahuano. I am going to Barrio Bío-Bío en la Zona Talcahuano Sur! I will be working with Elder Holt, an elder who just completed his first six weeks in the mission field. I will be finishing his training (which in total is twelve weeks), and can't wait to meet him! He'll be my third American companion in the mission field (Elder Moore is Canadian), and with him I will yet be working as a district leader. I am super excited to get to know Talcahuano!

It is, though, a very bittersweet cambio. Although I am excited for the new opportunity and coming experience, I will miss all the many Coihuecanos who I have come to love these past four to five months. I really do love Coihueco, and this evening will be a tender time as I say goodbye to the many that I have shared with oh-so-frequently. I have been blessed to be able to do so much in this small but very strong branch, and I will always feel a love for the families here.

There's a lot more I could say - this last week was busy with two mini cambios between Coihueco and 18 de Septiembre and a trip to do an entrevista de apoyo in Agronomia - but that shall suffice for now. I have a LOT of packing to do! That is always the other hard part.

I hope you, my family, have a great coming week! I will, I know, coming to know this new sector! Have a wonderful trip, mis papás, and drive safely!

Mucho amor a todos,

Elder Trent Sellers :)

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