Monday, June 29, 2015


¡Buena semana nueva, familia mía!

It was a fun and revealing second week in Hualpen!

After a very new start in my first week in the sector, Elder Holt and I learned much, came to know many, and this week went out visiting with members every day! Neither of us had had much time in Hualpen, but in this last week we have been able to come to know so many of the families of the barrio Bío-Bío. 

We were able to commit a number of less-active members to church, as well as a number of recent-converts and their families. 158 came to church on Sunday, including Cristina, the sister of Carla - a recent-convert of some months - who herself has decided to be baptized! We have seen great blessings in our short time here, and are looking forward to continue working with Cristina and others in the coming week.

On Sunday, after church, Huaquín, an 8-year-old, was baptized in the ward. It was incredible to find that a part of his family lives in my first sector Lorenzo Arenas, and his tía came to his baptism! I was able to talk to Hermana Maldonado after having, months ago, made pajaritos and alfajores in her home for el 18. ¡Que chico el mundo!

We in the mission have been given permission to watch the partidos of Chile in la Copa América, and so watched one game one evening last week with a particially less-active family and will do so again tonight with another family. ¡Bakan! ¿cierto? ¡Vamos Chile!

Ok, family, ¡me toca irme ahora! Gracias a todos por todo lo que me hacen. ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS, momma y my dad, por el paquete! And to Aunt Dee and Grannie and Papa for their many, many cards which I absolutely love!

¡Les amo, a todos!

Mucho amor de su misionero,
Elder Trent Sellers


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