Tuesday, June 9, 2015


¡Buen día, mi familia!

¡Fuimos a la nieve!

Today, as a zone, we took a trip up to Las Termas de Chillan and played in the snow! It was about a two-hour trip, and we left from here in Chillan at 6:30 in the morning after having stayed the night in the house of the others of Barrio 18 de Septiembre. Our bus climbed the mountain up to the hot springs and before we knew it we were surrounded by snow! It was incredible just how much it snowed in our time there! We played in it, had snowball fights, and made snow angels, and a number of the elders and sisters made snowmen! It was white, powdery, Christmas-like snow, falling on the edge of the Andes. We had a great time, even after a nearly three-hour delay waiting for our bus to receive and put on the right snow-chains! We got back to Chillan a little bit late, but more than a little bit damp!

It was an amazing start to the last week of this cambio. The past week was busy as we did nearly all that we could to pass by the investigators who we have been teaching, Luis and Yeison, and la Lisette, and as we had three Noches de Hogar with active families to strengthen them and in one to invite non-member friends to listen to the message of the Gospel. We, this week, have a lot ahead. We will be having two mini cambios, an entrevista de apoyo (interview of support), and the last district class of the cambio, and we will be preparing to do a special musical number on Sunday with Yeison, Hermano Lorenzo's son who is a great friend and not yet a member. 

We will be working hard as we prepare to begin a new cambio! I am really not sure what will happen, but, as I do love Coihueco, I will look forward to a new opportunity if it presents itself and work to do more with what I have learned if I stay.

I'm not the only one away from home, of course! I hope you, momma and my dad, have a wonderful week of travels and have a safe trip and great experiences! Have a great week, Travis, and Mitchieton, I'm so proud of you and love you, cousin. I know the Gospel blesses families, and I know that even more now than before. :)

¡Que tengan una buena semana!

Amor de su misionero,

Elder Trent Sellers

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