Wednesday, April 29, 2015


¡Hola, mi familia, y buenos amigos!

¡MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS por desearme un feliz cumpleaños, a todos de ustedes!

It was an incredible second birthday in Chile! And to think I was here celebrating a year ago!

I had a wonderful day Sunday here in Coihueco. After church, seemingly the entire branch of Coihueco sang me "feliz cumpleaños," and wished me a great day. I felt so loved. It's amazing how I myself have come to love so many here. After planning, Elder Hartvigsen and I worked up until a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) that two of the families, las familias Garrido Galleguillos y Moya Días, put together. One of the daughters, Lea, gave a short lesson, and then all surprised me with a number of baked queques and an official birthday cake that came with an honorary TORTAZO (cake in the face, and my second one now haha)! We had an incredibly fun time in the evening, and we went home happy! And with los conchos (left-overs)!

It was a great end to a busy week, when in itself we had worked hard. Elder Hartvigsen and I had the opportunity to visit a nursing home this week in Coihueco, called Corazón de Maria, and had a fun time visiting with a less-active member who is so funny. I just found it such an incredible experience, entering into an elderly people home in Chile! We also felt the effects of the volcanic eruption, and had ash falling one of the days this week. I have a few good photos of that! It covered our one bike, and also my white shirts that I had hanging outside! Had to put those in the wash again!

No obstante, ¡todo bien!

Thank you, my family and friends, for making the weekend even more special. It's a great start to this next one, and to this next twentieth year, and I hope you each have a great week.

I love you all! 

Les amo,
Elder Trent Sellers

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