Monday, May 11, 2015



Happy Mother's Day from a number of miles away!

Mom, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I did forget to mention that I was able to give a talk at church yesterday (as we are the only two missionaries, that is bound to yet reoccur), and I, of course, mentioned your example. I explained to the small branch here what an example of a mom I have. I thought, and I think, now, back to your love and shining example of service to the older sisters in our ward, and to friends apart from church, when I was younger. I think of every hug and give that you've given me, and every reassuring counsel that you have told me. And, of course, I think of the many late nights when you would stay up with me to help me finish a project for school. I love you, momma, and I thank you for making every sacrifice you have made for me. :)

Elder Hartvigsen and I had a great week in Coihueco - a very busy one, really - and finished it well with our Skype calls home! It was good to SEE you! Thanks, my dad, momma, and Pan, for the short but very sweet time, yesterday. It was good to SEE you, to do Skype for the third time in the mission. ;) 

We sure use the time here!

Apart from the weekend, the week was filled with making a requested breakfast for the three Seminary students, planning and teaching a district class, cleaning out the sister missionaries' house, attending a leadership training in Concepción, and taking numbers from the other missionaries four nights in the week. It's been amazing learning so much in one week!

We had many visits and taught many lessons during the week, and at week's end were able to find a humble, single father named Luis. We are going to begin teaching him this week. :)

I hope each of our weeks might be a successful one, my family.

I love you all, and wish you a wonderful coming week!

Congratulations, again, to my cousin Katie for the engagement! I'm so happy for you, cuz!! Thank you to Joyce and to Travis for the birthday cards and messages, and again to Cris for the amazing birthday packet. ;)

Gracias, y mucho amor,

su Elder Trent Sellers

Our zone, la zona Chillan Ñuble, the past cambio! 

We made zone slippers and socks! jaja

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