Monday, February 8, 2016



A very happy birthday to my brother Travis tomorrow!

¡Cumpleaños feliz!
¡Te deseamos a tí
cumpleaños, Travis
cumpleaños feliz!

From a great distance, I am and will be thinking of you. Have a wonderful day, and celebrate it with the cake! ;)

¡Que nunca falte la torta! (may the cake never be missing)

Also, a very happy Valentines Day - to all of my beloved family and to Cris! :)

And late happy birthdays to Uncle Bob, Grannie, and Katie!

Oh, what a great week has ended. Elder Beeston and I had a very spiritual fast and testimony Sunday - particularly special for being able to share my testimony in two fast and testimony meetings between Coelemu and Quirihue. In Coelemu, after his dad, Presidente Parra, parted the meeting with a testimony of his own, 11-year-old Bastian and 8-year-old (or thereabout) Marcia stood up to bear their testimonies with such conviction that tears came to my eyes. There is no other testimony more pure than that of those so young. At the same time, I was moved to think how very much my testimony has grown since the time when I, as a small boy in Primary, would share one so sure as well. An hermana reminded me that my testimony has surely grown just as much as I have - and that is true!

How grateful I am for the privilege to serve a mission and to strengthen this my testimony.

The Gospel is true, and I know it.

I love you, my family!

Mucho amor,

Elder Trent Sellers

Una Noche de Hogar (Family Hime Evening) with Hermana Mireya

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