Monday, February 2, 2015



Saturday night I received a call from the zone leaders that there was to be un cambio de emergencia in Coihueco, and that a decision had been made to send me there in place of another elder! 

I was given the day Sunday to prepare myself, to say goodbye, and to pack bags, and the assistants passed by this morning to take me to my new sector!

¡Que loca la experiencia!

The mission has cambios next week, one week from now, but this happened and now I'm here in my third sector in the mission. I'm with Elder Moore, a great friend already from the mission and CANADIAN! The rama of Coihueco is small - the capilla is even smaller than that of Longavi - and I'm just getting to know it. I've been here for some 6 hours, and we've already filled the day with a paseo to a nearby dam by a beautiful lake - that's something else that I'll have to show in pictures when I am FINALLY able to send photos.

Coihueco, itself, is a small pueblo, in many ways smaller than Longavi but in others a little more developed. It lies to the west side of the cordillera (mountain range), being the closest sector in the mission to the Andes, I believe! It's a part of la zona Chillán Ñuble, so I'll being able to get to know Chillán, at last! There's Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds there!

Saying goodbye to Longavi was hard. I was really involved in the rama, and I love the people there so much. Never will I forget that special place! 

Even though it has been a bit of a shock, and even though I will miss them, I'm super excited and grateful for the opportunity to be here in my third sector already. That's not something I expected! It's going to be an amazing experience. There are us two missionaries here, and two awesome hermanas, and I know I will be getting to know the members and nonmembers super well in this small town. 

¡Saludos de Coihueco!

Mucho amor,

su Elder Trent Sellers

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